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Beta Carotene & Smokers Is There a Risk
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • July 26, 2011
Question: Have you done any research on issue of "beta-carotene should not be taken if you are a smoker or even a former smoker?" I have been taking a daily 25,000 IU supplement of beta carotene for several years, but I'm also a 20-yrs-ago smoker, so I'm wondering if I should stop the daily beta carotene supplement. I believe it was Dr. Andrew Weil's article that I read this information, but not absolutely positive.
A Finnish study suggested that synthetic beta-carotene was associated with an increased risk of lung cancer in smokers. We have no info about past smokers and no specifics regarding naturally derived mixed carotenoid supplements. Certainly, natural dietary carotene from deep yellow and dark green leafy vegetables are not contraindicated. As far as supplements are concerned, please check with your health care provider.
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