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Swanson Ultra


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Caps Size:
1, Guía de tamaño de píldora
90 cápsulas de 250 mg

"The pills are easy to swallow, have no unpleasant taste or odor and best yet, do what they claim. I feel more at peace and also noticed that I'm eating less and feeling better. I'm a believer!" ~product review by DianeW

  • "Las pastillas son fáciles de tragar, no tienen sabor u olor desagradable y mejor aún, hacen lo que dicen. Me siento más en paz, y también noté que estoy comiendo menos y me estoy sintiendo mejor. ¡Soy un creyente! "~Crítica del producto por DianeW

  • Un extracto patentado de phellodendron y magnolia

  • Evalúa el aumento de peso provocado por el estrés

  • Descarte la fuerza de voluntad y el metabolismo

¡Un avance importante para cualquier persona que lucha para bajar de peso! Ahora hay una fórmula dietaria totalmente natural que rompe la conexión de peso/estrés para ayudarlo a alcanzar sus objetivos de aptitud y sentirse bien mientras lo hace. La introducción de relora, la mezcla del extracto revolucionario de phellodendron y magnolia que trata uno de los aspectos más difíciles para controlar el peso con éxito: el estrés. Los altos niveles de estrés provocan la liberación de hormonas que no solo pueden aumentar el apetito, sino que también pueden afectar la forma en que el cuerpo almacena y metaboliza la grasa. Al trabajar con la química natural del cuerpo para restablecer el equilibrio normal de estas hormonas, la relora descarta la fuerza de voluntad y el metabolismo de la dieta, rompiendo el ciclo de estrés que a menudo lo hace descarrilar incluso hasta de los planes de entrenamiento mejores diseñados.

Etiqueta del producto

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Relora® A proprietary blend of patent-pending standardized extracts of Magnolia officinalis (bark) and Phellodendron amurense (bark) 250 mg *

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber), magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule three times per day with water.

WARNING: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before use if you are currently taking any prescription medication or receiving medical treatment.

Relora® is a registered trademark of Next Pharmaceuticals. U.S. Patent #6,582,735.

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Swanson Ultra Relora Comentarios

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Relora 4.5 5 42 49
Doctor recommended Relora When my functional medicine practitioner recommended that I find a Relora supplement, I tried a lot of different brands and dosages. This Swanson formulation has a higher dosage and lower price than many other brands, especially those found in retail. It's been working for me for over a year now. April 14, 2014
not for me sri, but this didn't do anything for me. January 4, 2014
helped went through a stressful situation and I feel that I handled it easier with this aid along with prayer. No reduction in belly fat, no weight loss, none of those hyped up claims but it may have helped me cope with a shock that I experienced. November 18, 2013
Calm in a bottle I love this product. Just ordered my second bottle. Taking it as directed while starting a new high-stress job. AND it curbs my appetite in the afternoon. So glad I found it! October 21, 2013
Relora Love Love Love this product keeps me calm in the craziest situations. October 21, 2013
helps me sleep, curbs appetite i have used this product for over 2 years, now. It works well for me. Promotes sleep without grogginess, and I definitely notice a reduction in appetite when I use it regularly. August 26, 2013
Ripped and relaxed! Relora has been quite effective in my regimen to lower bodyfat and be more relaxed. I love it! August 7, 2013
Proof For Me I tried to stop taking Relora Ultra for 2 weeks, when I ran out, until I connected a noticeable increase in my stress level, with not taking the Relora, so I re-ordered, My feelings of stress, are now, again, much lower, with no change in the stressors that affect me. I have, also, lost 17 lbs., safely, by taking it three times a day with meals, and watching what I ate, over the past several months. So happy with Relora that I have put it on Auto-Delivery, so that I won't run out, again. July 29, 2013
Relora Recommended by my doctor for reducing stress and cortisol production leading to belly fat. I love this stuff. Works great! June 28, 2013
Great Product I love taking relora and can notice a difference in my stomach. I would recommend taking this May 27, 2013
Not effective for me I did not experience more calmness, better sleep nor decrease in belly fat/appetite. I did, however, get somewhat looser bowels. No benefit -- so I discontinued. Hope it helps others. December 28, 2012
Very Supportive for Stress helpful overall when dealing with stress November 16, 2012
Worked from the first capsule! It's unusual perhaps but I noticed a difference from the very first capsule. I like the way it helps keep me calm. Use it along with Holy Basil and it helps even more. Plus Swanson has the best price! October 31, 2012
Relax This product does what it says it does. Good value and amount is included in the bottle. I feel that with this product, along with Holy Basil, I reach a very calm attitude. September 30, 2012
Do you think dosage makes a difference? I see some saying how well Relora is working for them and others saying it isn't worth a politician. Thing is, I don't see anyone mentioning how much they take. I think it would be not only beneficial but surprising to some, to know how much others are taking a day! I have found recommended dosages from 600mg to 750mg's but the problem is, the ones I bought from Swanson are measured in I.U.'s not Mg's. The conversion tools I've tried so far seem very unreliable to make matters worse. So I think the best way to solve this mystery is to hear the answer from the company or from the users that have had success with it. Any takers? : ) September 14, 2012
Can't tell a difference Have not been able to tell a difference yet. April 9, 2012
IT REALLY WORKS!!! Using any new product, one would have doubts. You have to try it and see if it works for you...Give it a good effort and use it regularly for a month or two...I started on 4/4/12 and its 4/9/12 and I am noticing a difference already!! The flow of my cleansing system has increased, and you talk about a good sleep, I've slept like a baby since I started it. Feeling more relaxed....and, what stress?? I'm loving this product...wasn't sure I would but bought two bottles to start, and I can tell, I'll be back for more. Thanks Swanson for making it so affordable!!! April 6, 2012
Great Price for the Product Unbelievable price for Relora. I actually bought a bottle of Relora at a retail store and had not thought of Swanson's till after the purchase. Exactly the same product at the retail store was $23.99. I hadn't paid attention till I got home. I then ordered the same from Swanson's and returned the un-opened Relora to the retail store. Oops, never going to do that again. I will buy all supplements from Swanson's. April 2, 2012
all items that i purhcased thru swanson website, live up to my expecftion for quality and effective result. April 2, 2012
Pleasantly surprised The pills are easy to swallow, have no unpleasant taste or odor and best yet, do what they claim. I feel more at peace and also noticed that I'm eating less and feeling better. I'm a believer! March 31, 2012
great product Since starting this product a few weeks ago I've noticed, about 10days in, that I seem to have a better out look on life. I want to get out and do more and my mood is much more positive and happy. I don't want to sit around and stress eat now. It is helping me lose weight, I feel. It's a great product and would recommend it to anyone. I'm a happy camper. March 31, 2012
I think it works I do seem to be sleeping better and am much less hungry or at least have fewer cravings. I "think" I'm calmer.....but tend to be pretty type A regardless. Could be my imagination but I do think the belly fat is lessening....haven't lost any weight yet, though. March 21, 2012
Relora In just a few weeks, I feel much more relaxed and able to handle the stress in my life March 21, 2012
Awesome!! I agree with another reviewer that it does seem to help with hot flashes. I love this product. I'm always impressed with Swanson's quality and effectiveness. Thank you for making such great supplements at affordable prices. March 20, 2012
Good stuff This product does exactly what it says it will: make you calm without tiredness and supress your appetite. Not only that, but it really helps with HOT FLASHES as well. A totally unexpected benefit. August 29, 2011
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