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Delivers Multi-System Protection
Save 80%
"WOW! Will I ever get to the point where I am NOT surprised with Swanson's value and quality?!! This one is definitely a keeper, in my opinion!..." -skyblueyez
Free Radical Fighter
Save 80%
"Great value, but I especially appreciate that there is no "after taste" with this product..." -Anniemary
Paraben Free Moisturizer
Save 73%
"I have been using this product for over a year and is very pleased with it. It keeps the skin on my face smooth and is not greasy at all. Great product, great value!" -Walnutcreeker
Aids Liver Health
Save 72%
  • Turmeric
  • 720 mg 100 Caps
  • Retail $8.49
  • Regular $4.79
  • Sale Price $2.39
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"this is a amazing herb, at a amazing price. all the wonderful things being said about this herb are very true. my husband and i love it." -lizandsteve
Promotes Cardiovascular Health
Save 71%
"I've been using Beta Sitosterol from Swanson for a few years now and have found the quality to be outstanding and very effective for the purpose it is recommended for. It's in my FAVORITES list forever!" -GodsBittyFrog
Cholesterol Support
Save 71%
"I am very satisfied with how it helped improve my cardiovascular health. In fact, I ordered more for myself and for relatives who were impressed by my results." -c310
Supports Brain Function
Save 70%
"You will notice a difference after taking 1 cap a day for 3 days! Great price, super quality. I've noticed improved focus, concentration and memory." -Sacalait
Supports Healthy Vision
Save 68%
  • Lutein
  • 40 mg 60 Sgels
  • Retail $18.49
  • Regular $10.99
  • Sale Price $5.99
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"Once I tried it, I had to make this part of my daily regimen of vitamins. I'm amazed at how much it helps me." -Artist262269
Promotes Gastrointestinal Health
Save 67%
"I have tried many other brands of probiotics and this probiotic works just as good as the others and much cheaper than the rest. I am able to eat dairy products taking these probiotics. I won't be without them!" -ChattyKathy
Supports Muscle & Bone Health
Save 67%
"This is a great value for this magnesium combination. This product seems to help me sleep better at night and I feel more relaxed during the day as well." -BBmom
Stress Fighter
Save 67%
  • Ashwagandha
  • 450 mg 100 Caps
  • Retail $7.49
  • Regular $3.99
  • Sale Price $2.49
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"Since I discovered Ashwagandha could reduce stress I haven't stopped taking this product and... I am constantly recommending this to friends and family." -blu8btrfly
Age-Defying Skincare
Save 67%
"I have tried many, many facial products and I have finally found the perfect cream. It is light and it does not have a strong perfume scent. I use it twice a day and have received many compliments on my skin." -amylynn
Healthy Cooking Fat
Save 65%
"So glad I found this and tried it. This is great as a skin moisturizer. All natural, no toxic chemicals or parables and works awesome on my dry skin and on my face." -jackieliny
Omega-3 Source
Save 64%
"This is the best oil along with natural fresh nuts for my cardio system. DHA is the top per day.. Also, the DHA here is cheaper than any I've found anywhere." -Jean12
Metabolic Support
Save 62%
"These capsules are nice and small, so easy to swallow. I take 1 capsule (300mgs) twice a day. They really do support healthy glucose metabolism! I'm very pleased with my lab results." -LadyL46
Aids Liver Health
Save 62%
"I have been taking Swanson's Milk Thistle, for over a year, and am happy with the quality...if you are trying to rid your body, of all the toxins we are bombarded with, on a daily basis (in our food, water and air), then this is a good place to start." -Devonviolet
Supports Metabolic Functions
Save 61%
  • Berberine
  • 400 mg 60 Caps
  • Retail $16.49
  • Regular $9.99
  • Sale Price $6.49
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"...I stated taking Berberine about 4 months ago I have lost well over 40lbs. I feel great, this has cut my craving for carbs and sweets way down. I just don't get the urge to overeat. Feel full quickly and have great energy. I take 3 in the morning right after breakfast & 3 before bedtime with my other supplements. The extra plus, I'm NOT on a diet, I eat what I want just want smaller portions then I ever eat before. I smile every time I get on the scale!!" -LadyBoo
Encourages Proper Energy Utilization
Save 60%
"I am using this product for at least 14 years now and use just one daily when I start my day. I would not use another brand as I feel so well." -Enthusiastica
Sleep Support
Save 60%
  • Melatonin
  • 3 mg 120 Caps
  • Retail $4.49
  • Regular $2.59
  • Sale Price $1.79
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"This is the best value for the money on melatonin on the internet. ... I happen to fall asleep more quickly, and STAY asleep longer when I use this product. Try it out!" -Diana33
Supports Respiratory Health
Save 60%
"I really like this butterbur. It is the same strength and potency as name brand products I've tried and seems to work just as well! It's a great deal for the price!" -naganalf1
Promotes Skin, Hair & Nail Health
Save 60%
  • Biotin
  • 5 mg 100 Caps
  • Retail $6.99
  • Regular $3.79
  • Sale Price $2.79
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"I use biotin to strengthen hair, skin & nails and have been pleased with the quality, price and effectiveness of this product." -healthynwealthy
Joint Health Support
Save 60%
  • Boswellia
  • 400 mg 100 Caps
  • Retail $7.49
  • Regular $3.99
  • Sale Price $2.99
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"I have been taking this for a couple of years. Got off for a couple of months once and could really tell the difference. I take it twice a day and it makes the joints feel better." -mamatom
Supports ATP Production for Energy
Save 60%
  • Ubiquinol
  • 50 mg 60 Sgels
  • Retail $21.99
  • Regular $11.99
  • Sale Price $8.89
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"I started to use this product few months ago and was pleasantly surprised by how fast I noticed the results.My energy levels are much better now." -lnik
Promotes Cellular Energy & Repair
Save 56%
"This is a wonderful supplement. I have found it works well and gives me lots of energy. The Swanson prices are the lowest that I have found for quality products." -believeinvits
Plant-Based Omega-3 Source
Save 56%
"As a vegetarian, I have been buying Hemp Seeds exclusively from Swanson's after checking many other sources. ... I buy Swanson's Hemp Seeds as they are not only organic, they are very reasonably priced." -FeelGreat
Promotes Joint Health
Save 54%
"Wow! I noticed a difference from the very first time I took this supplement. I forgot to take it for a few days and could tell the difference right away." -Naturally2006
Energy Support Formula
Save 50%
"My wife and I have tried several other "energy augment" products and recommend this one highly. It's gentle yet effective for the entire day. Gives a subtle boost and helps keep the afternoon doldrums away!" -PeeksNY
Natural Energy Aid
Save 50%
  • Royal Jelly
  • Equivalent to 1,000 mg 100 Sgels
  • Retail $14.99
  • Regular $8.99
  • Sale Price $7.49
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"Good 'natural' source of energy. I take two in the morning #instead of one#, and I can notice the difference. Royal Jelly is also loaded with all kinds of antioxidants. Why let the Queen Bees have all the fun!" -4EVERyoung
Supports Lean Muscle Growth
Save 50%
"Best deal anywhere for grass-fed whey protein powder! This has great taste and it mixes very well into my morning shake." -26nanaB52
Supports Skin Nourishment
Save 50%
"I haven't quite finished the first bottle but already notice a difference for the better. I recommend this product by Swansons; you can't beat the price and quality." -AutumnGirl1953
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