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Promotes memory
Save 73%
Ginkgo con vinpocetina (estandarizado)
"Has vastly improved my focus and memory recall." -smom58
Blood-pressure specific grapeseed extract
Save 70%
Extracto de semilla de uva MegaNatural-BP
"Very effective and best value for money." -Nash2002
Found in healthy bones & teeth
Save 70%
Citrato de estroncio
  • Swanson Premium
  • Citrato de estroncio
  • Item# SW1195 • 60 cápsulas de 340 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0  (35) 
  • Retail US$13.99
  • Swanson US$8.49
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"Very effective with no side effects." -beanster40
Supports cardiovascular health
Save 69%
Ácido fólico y B-12
"A must for me." -mrsLKS
Essential for bone health and more
Save 67%
Citrato de calcio
  • Swanson Premium
  • Citrato de calcio
  • Item# SW1188 • 60 cápsulas de 200 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0  (25) 
  • Retail US$5.49
  • Swanson US$2.99
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"This was worth every penny spent." -7LBar
Supports metabolic function
Save 67%
Complejo de canela, gimnema y morera
"I saw this on Dr Oz. I really like this supplement. " -AutumnGirl1953
Purest cod liver oil on the market
Save 66%
Aceite de hígado de bacalao noruego prístino
"This works great for joints and skin." -Boone
Probiotic for women
Save 66%
Fórmula probiótica femenina FemFlora
"I cannot go without these probiotics." -candee
Essential fatty acids
Save 66%
Aceite de aguacate
  • Swanson EFAs
  • Aceite de aguacate
  • Item# SWE054 • 60 cápsulas blandas de 1 gramo
  • Overall Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0  (39) 
  • Retail US$12.49
  • Now 2 for US$6.99
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"Big dose of Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids." -Batman22
Increases bioavailability of nutrients in diet
Save 66%
  • Swanson Ultra
  • Digestitol
  • Item# SWU130 • 60 cápsulas
  • Overall Rating of 4.7 out of 5.0  (65) 
  • Retail US$7.99
  • Swanson US$4.49
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"Effective digestive supplement" -TommyB
Supports focus and memory
Save 64%
Extracto de Bacopa Monnieri BaCognize
"I also feel mentally sharper" -ZeoMaxx
Antioxidant at the cellular level
Save 64%
Extracto de hoja de olivo Super Strength
"A lot more energy and I am more alert" -Lefty2053
Natural source for strong, healthy bones
Save 64%
Complejo de calcio de coral
"Best calcium combination" -Lubry54
Mental health booster
Save 61%
  • Swanson Premium
  • L-tirosina
  • Item# SW855 • 100 cápsulas de 600 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0  (88) 
  • Retail US$8.99
  • Swanson US$5.39
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"Better than anything else I've tried." -Nipper01
Valuable carotenoid
Save 61%
  • Swanson Premium
  • Licopeno
  • Item# SW950 • 60 cápsulas blandas de 20 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.6 out of 5.0  (33) 
  • Retail US$11.99
  • Swanson US$6.69
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"Measurable positive changes occurred" -WaltD
Superior joint health
Save 61%
Cuidado de las articulaciones con glucosamina, MSM y condroi
"I have noticed great results!" -MarshMarsh
An excellent energy source
Save 61%
"Gives me the lift i need without the jitters." -carolinasunshine
Prostate and vision health
Save 60%
Picolinato de zinc, forma preferida por el organismo
"This Zinc is one of the most potent I have taken." -MediMan
Age-defying benefits
Save 59%
  • Swanson Premium
  • DHEA
  • Item# SW526 • 120 cápsulas de 25 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.6 out of 5.0  (77) 
  • Retail US$9.99
  • Swanson US$5.89
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"This is a wonderful hormonal support product!" -Taoscowgirl
Organic red yeast rice supplement
Save 58%
Arroz de levadura roja tradicional orgánico
"Good buy on a good product." -PaulaPoo
Enhance memory and mental alertness
Save 57%
Extracto de ginkgo biloba 24 %
"Makes my brain feel sharp!" -Bette
Slow release aspirin
Save 55%
Aspirina de cubierta entérica de baja dosis
"Better than brand I have purchased at store" -granny4
Potent fish oil concentrate
Save 55%
Aceite de pescado Súper EPA
"The best pure fish oil supplement I can take" -Alvy
Prostate and urinary tract support
Save 55%
Esenciales para la próstata plus
"Product gave results within 12 hours" -retiredtrucker
Promotes hormonal balance
Save 54%
Cohosh negro
  • Swanson Premium
  • Cohosh negro
  • Item# SW1344 • 60 cápsulas de 540 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.7 out of 5.0  (82) 
  • Retail US$3.49
  • Swanson US$1.99
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"Comfort on demand." -jola
Antioxidant protection
Save 51%
  • Swanson Ultra
  • L-carnosina
  • Item# SWU118 • 60 cápsulas de 500 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.9 out of 5.0  (54) 
  • Retail US$25.49
  • Swanson US$16.59
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"This is as pure as you're going to find" -Vickioc
Key nutrient for ATP production
Save 51%
CoQ10 100
  • Swanson Ultra
  • CoQ10 100
  • Item# SWU561 • 100 cápsulas blandas de 100 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0  (169) 
  • Retail US$16.49
  • Swanson US$9.49
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"I will definitely buy this again" -Premier
Healthy mental function
Save 47%
  • Swanson Ultra
  • Fosfatidilserina
  • Item# SWU289 • 90 cápsulas blandas de 100 mg
  • Overall Rating of 4.7 out of 5.0  (83) 
  • Retail US$27.49
  • Swanson US$19.99
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"This has really improved my memory" -Lollipop
Next generation of CoQ10
Save 43%
Ubiquinol de máxima resistencia 100 % puro y natural
"The active form of Co-Q10 is definitely more noticeable effective." -FJGC
Bioavailable form of CoQ10
Save 40%
Ubiquinol 100 % puro y natural
"Swanson Ultra Ubiquinol works more effectively for me, at lesser cost." -JJohn
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