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Press Releases

Updates regarding new products, philanthropy and news straight from the source.

Media & PR Page

For media inquiries, public relations contact information, culture, mission, quick facts or Graphic Standards & Brand ID visit our Media and PR page.

Press Releases

2014 Press Releases

May 5 2014 : Swanson Health Products to Headline Fargo Marathon Health & Fitness Expo

February 24 2014 : Swanson Health Products Earns Two Top Ratings from ConsumerLab.com Annual Survey

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2013 Press Releases

December 20 2013 : ConsumerLab.com Approves Swanson Ultimate Probiotic Formula

May 30 2013 : Swanson Health Products Wins VIRGO's SupplySide Insight Industry Award

May 13 2013 : Dick Beardsley to Attend Swanson Health & Fitness Expo at the Fargo Marathon to Unveil New 'Endurance & Recovery' Supplement for Runners

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2012 Press Releases

December 28 2012 : Swanson Health Products Introduces Xanthigen® Liver Fat Formula to Support Healthy Liver Function

December 14 2012 : Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements of 2012 from Swanson Health Products

November 30 2012 : Super Fruit Kakadu Plum Juice Blend Available from Swanson Organics at SwansonVitamins.com

November 12 2012 : "My Auto Delivery" Subscription Program Available for Frequently Purchased Natural Health Products from Swanson Health Products

October 12 2012 : Swanson Health Products Introduces Swanson Premium Full Spectrum Turmeric Delayed Response Supplement Featuring DRcaps®

September 28 2012 : Advanced Formula Swanson Ultra ARTINIA® Supplement Now Available from Swanson Health Products

September 14 2012 : USDA Certified Organic Pecans and Brazil Nuts Added to the Swanson Organic Line of Healthy Food Options

August 31 2012 : ConsumerLab.com Approves Two Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements from Swanson Health Products

August 7 2012 : Tendon Support Formula with TendoFIT® Now Available at Swanson Health Products

July 24 2012 : Coconut Water Concentrate Now Available from Swanson Health Products

July 9 2012 : Swanson Health Products Introduces New Swanson Ultra Joint Health Drink Mix with FORTIGEL® for Joint Support

June 25 2012 : Swanson Health Products Introduces a New Alkalizing Drink Mix, Swanson® pH Balance Alka-Tone with Alka-Plex™ Technology

June 8 2012 : Jack LaLanne's Vita-Lanne Meal Replacement Shakes Available Exclusively from Swanson Health Products

May 25 2012 : Swanson Health Products Headlines Health and Fitness Expo Held in Conjunction with 2012 Fargo Marathon

May 11 2012 : Stimulant Free Energy Management Supplement from Swanson Health Products Features Enzymes, Herbs and Vitamins for Lasting Results

April 27 2012 : Expanded Brand Offerings at SwansonVitamins.com to Include Seventh Generation, Method and GUD from Burt's Bees

April 13 2012 : Swanson Health Products Offers New Potent Nattokinase Supplement for Circulatory Support

March 30 2012 : Swanson Health Products Introduces Calamarine® -- The Next Generation Omega-3 Supplement with DHA

March 16 2012 : Swanson Ratings & Reviews Sweepstakes is Giving Away $400 in Shopping Sprees to Customers who Review Products

February 29 2012 : Swanson Health Products #1 Rated Catalog/Internet Brand Based on Customer Satisfaction Survey by ConsumerLab.com

February 14 2012 : Three New Hibiscus Options from Swanson Health Products

January 26 2012 : Featured Cardiovascular Health Supplements from SwansonVitamins.com for National Heart Health Month

January 12 2012 : Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex Now Available in Liquid Form

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2011 Press Releases

December 30 2011 : African Mango Supplement for Post-Holiday Weight Management

December 19 2011 : Swanson Health Products Recalls Swanson Organic Celery Seed

December 15 2011 : Swanson Health Products Announces "Top Rated" Products of 2011

November 30 2011 : EstroG-100® Vegetarian Formula Now Available at SwansonVitamins.com

November 11 2011 : Swanson Health Products Launches the World's First Olive-Based Bone Health Supplement

October 25 2011 : Swanson Premium Beta-Carotene Approved by ConsumerLab.com

October 12 2011 : Swanson Ultra KoACT® Supports Bone Health beyond Calcium Alone

September 27 2011 : Swanson Health Products Adds Tealeaf CEM Software

September 21 2011 : Swanson Cosmetic Science Introduces Organic Argan Oil

August 24 2011 : Chris Linnares’ Naturally Diva Line Debuts at Swanson Health Products

August 11 2011 : Ceramides Supplement Added to Swanson Cosmetic Science Brand

July 25 2011 : Glutathione-Boosting Combination Offered Exclusively from Swanson Health Products

July 7 2011 : STELLAService Awards Swanson Health Products “ELITE” Rating

June 28 2011 : Swanson Health Products Expands Healthy Foods Category

June 10 2011 : Jack LaLanne's Vita-Lanne™ Now Available from Swanson Health Products

May 26 2011 : Swanson Health Products Sponsored Health Expo at 2011 Fargo Marathon

May 16 2011 : Swanson Premium D-3 Passes ConsumerLab.com Independent Testing

May 2 2011 : Swanson Health Products & New Chapter Give Away the Farm Sweepstakes

April 25 2011 : Swanson Health Products Introduces New Line of Natural Health & Beauty Products

April 15 2011 : Swanson Health Products Opens Second Distribution Center

April 6 2011 : SwansonVitamins.com Donates Portion of Sales on World Health Day to Vitamin Angels

March 22 2011 : ConsumerLab.com Approves Swanson Superior Herbs Curcumin Complex

March 8 2011 : Swanson Health Products Offers Online Customers a New Way to Pay with eBillme

February 15 2011 : Bioiberica's Acti-Joint Available at Swansonvitamins.com

February 1 2011 : LOWAT Healthy Weight Management from Swanson Health Products

January 18 2011 : Seven Organic Teas Added to Swanson Organic Line

January 6 2011 : Swanson Health Products Identifies Top 10 Reviewed Products of 2010

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2010 Press Releases

December 15 2010 : Swanson Health Products' Blog Contest: 10 Day Holiday Giveaway

December 13 2010 : Swanson Ultra Resveratrol Supplement Receives Approved Rating by ConsumerLab.com

November 29 2010 : Swanson Health Products Adds and Extends Popular National Brand Lines

November 15 2010 : B Vitamin Testing Conducted by ConsumerLab.com Awards Swanson Health Products Approved Status

November 3 2010 : Swanson Health Products Introduces Fermented Superfood Supplement

October 19 2010 : Beyond Quercetin: Supercharged DHQ

October 4 2010 : Swanson EFAs Super EPA Fish Oil Passes ConsumerLab.com Omega-3 Testing

September 22 2010 : Quinogel: Ubiquinol Enhanced with the Power of Bio-solv® Technology

August 25 2010 : New Mobile Site for SwansonVitamins.com

August 11 2010 : Superba™ Krill Oil: Phospholipid Form of Omega-3

July 29 2010 : Certified Organic Whole Foods Added to Swanson Organic Line

July 15 2010 : Reformulated Peelu Gum Available at Swanson Health Products

July 8 2010 : New Form of FiberAid added to Swanson Ultra

July 1 2010 : Certified Organic Aromatherapy Oils Available from Swanson Health Products

June 24 2010 : Natural Sunscreens and Insect Repellents for a Healthy Summer Survival Kit

June 16 2010 : Dr. DeSilva Hosts Swanson Health Talk Radio on HealthRadio.net

June 9 2010 : Swanson Health Products Introduces New Zealand Black Currant Extract

June 3 2010 : CONTEND - A New Sports Drink from Swanson FIT

May 28 2010 : Swanson Health & Fitness Expo at the Fargo Marathon

May 20 2010 : FemFlora Reformulated with New Complex of Probiotic Bacteria

May 12 2010 : Swanson Health Products Opens East Coast Distribution Center

April 29 2010 : All-Natural Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners Added to Swanson Premium Line

April 1 2010 : Swanson Health Products Makes Donations to American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and National MS Society

March 11 2010 : Basic Supplements for Good Health from Swanson Health Products

March 5 2010 : Licorice Flavonoid Oil with Glavonoid

February 18 2010 : Swanson Health Talk Radio Debuts on HealthRadio.net

February 4 2010 : Omega 7 Oil Added to Swanson EFAs Brand from Swanson Health Products

January 27 2010 : Vegetarian Saw Palmetto Extract Reformulated for Swanson Health Products' Superior Herbs Line

January 11 2010 : $50,000 Donation to The United Way of Cass-Clay Made By Swanson Health Products

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2009 Press Releases

December 23 2009: Donations Accepted by Swanson Health Products on Behalf of Vitamin Angels Charity

December 16 2009: Swanson Health Products' Customers Review Top Rated Products

December 22 2009: Swanson Health Products Introduces Immunity Supplement for Kids

November 23 2009: Swanson Health Products Introduces New Vegetarian Omega-3 Supplement

November 12 2009: Swanson Health Products Urges Community to Help FILL THE DOME 2009

October 30 2009: Swanson Health Products Contest Rewards Facebook Fans for Creativity

October 23 2009: Swanson Health Products Designated a Trusted Store by Shopping.com

October 20 2009: Swanson Health Products Develops 11 New Certified Organic Spices

September 23 2009: Swanson Health Products Joins Peggy Fleming in Promoting the Heart Health Benefits of Ubiquinol, a CoQ10 Dietary Supplement

September 11 2009: Swanson Health Products' Vitamin E and Acai Dietary Supplements Pass Quality Control Tests Conducted by ConsumerLabs.com

August 31 2009: Swanson Vitamins Says Immune Support is Important During Back-to-School

August 6 2009: Swanson Vitamins Now Carries the Newest Discovery in Joint Health Support-Natural Eggshell Membrane

July 13 2009: Swanson Vitamins Passes ConsumerLab.com's Latest Test on Joint Health Supplements

July 9 2009: Swanson Vitamins Adds National Brands, Expands Organic and Natural Skincare

July 1 2009: Swanson Vitamins Adds Two Varieties of Certified Organic Coffee

June 25 2009: Swanson Vitamins Develops Stomach Defense Essentials in Response to Customer Concern

June 16 2009: Swanson Vitamins’ Top 10 Highest Rated Digestive Health Products

June 5 2009: Swanson Vitamins Develops Line of Glandular Products

May 29 2009: Swanson Vitamins and Dr. Barbara Hendel Team Up to Offer Himalayan Crystal Salt Shampoo and Conditioner

May 22 2009: Swanson Vitamins Now Offers Organic Whole Food Multis for Men and Women

May 15 2009: Swanson Vitamins Adds More National Brands to Their Inventory

May 6 2009: Swanson Vitamins Adds 3 Products to Their Organic Foods Line

May 1 2009: 7 Top Rated Immune Support Products from Swanson Vitamins

April 23 2009: Swanson Vitamins Now Carries Magnesium Oil—Great for Healthy Skin

April 16 2009: Swanson Vitamins Offers New Liquid Vitamins and Herbs

April 8 2009: Swanson Vitamins Introduces Senior Muscle Retention Formula—a Protein Powder That Supports Muscle Retention and Development

April 2 2009: Swanson Premium Daily Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Passed ConsumerLab.com's Latest Test

March 27 2009: Swanson Vitamins Offers Highly Rated Supplements for Spring Cleansing

March 13 2009: Swanson Health Products Focus On You Feature for March is Healthy Foods

March 6 2009: Swanson Vitamins Now Carries Acai Berry Extract in a Softgel Form

February 23 2009: Swanson Vitamins' Healthy Foods Recipe Contest: Guaranteed to Win

February 12 2009: Stress and the City Survey says High Stress Equals Low Sex Drive; Swanson Vitamins Offers Relora in Five Different Products

January 29 2009: Swanson Vitamins has Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging benefits. Resveratrol has been featured in primetime shows like 60 Minutes because of the new studies confirming its wonderful health benefits.

January 23 2009: Swanson Vitamins Introduces Environmentally Friendly Cleaning with E-cloths®

January 16 2009: Swanson Ultra CoQ10 Passed ConsumberLab.com's Latest Test

January 13 2009: Swanson Vitamins Provides 6 Tips to Help Relieve Dry Skin

January 8 2009: Swanson Vitamins Offers Products to Support the Weight Loss Fight

January 2 2009: Swanson Health Products Reaches a Milestone; Turns 40 in 2009

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2008 Press Releases

December 23 2008: Swanson Vitamins Top 10 Highest-Rated Products of 2008.

December 19 2008: Swanson Vitamins Offers 5 Tips to Tame Holiday Stress

December 11 2008: Swanson Vitamins Offers Natural Alternatives for Seasonal Wellness

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2007 Press Releases

December 31 2007: New Year’s resolutions date back to the early Roman Empire, and centuries later, in 2008, half of Americans will make one or more resolution this January

October 23 2007: Swanson Health Products joins the fight in helping Americans become healthier by adding new product lines for children

August 18 2007: Swanson Health Products pulls Red Yeast Rice and Red Yeast Rice/Policosonal Complex

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