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Nature's Way

Complejo B-100

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100 cápsulas
  • Repleto de vitaminas de la familia B

  • Excelente para el metabolismo energético, el mantenimiento cardiovascular y la función cerebral y nerviosa

  • Garantiza un rendimiento nutricional óptimo que refuerza a todo el cuerpo
Un complejo de vitaminas B completo que aporta 100 mg de 8 vitaminas B importantes, enriquecidas con la coenzima B2. Este producto ayuda a la producción de energía y el mantenimiento de los nervios. Las vitaminas del complejo B son precursoras de las coenzimas que intervienen en la conversión de la energía celular, la producción de hormonas y proteínas y la reparación y el mantenimiento de las estructuras nerviosas.

Nature's Way Complejo B-100 Comentarios

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

B-100 Complex 4.9 5 8 8
Keeps the MONSTER away I found out years ago I MUST take B-complex supplements. I have tried store bought and other brands but have found these to be the MOST effective. When I feel the "monster" wanting to come out, I just take one or two tablets & I am fine. I cannot be without them, they are in my purse, my luggage, everywhere with me all the time. Yeah... January 17, 2014
This works really good for me. Just watch out when you go to the bathroom, Make your urine really yellow! September 18, 2013
Love this. I love this product, I take it because it helps me sleep, and great for nails and hair. August 22, 2013
Nature's Way Best B-100 I really like Nature's Way B-100 Complex. I have a circle of friends using it now. We call the "B-100's" the "go, go pills." It all started when an eighty year old friend wanted to know what I was "on" to have all this energy. I told him nothing but "B" vitamins. He didn't believe it until I got him some. He was absolutely astounded at the energy that resulted. Another friend I work with was always dragging in the afternoon. I gave him a "Nature's Way B-100" and now he buys them too. When ever I see him tired, I ask did he forget his "go, go pill" and he says yes. Then I give him one and he is back in action. He is sold on these. I prefer Nature's Way brand of B-100 because it is a powder in a capsule and digests better in the stomach than a hard pill. Also I have also seen that the hard B vitamin pills sometimes never fully dissolve when passing thru your system. Some days I take 2 in a day since the B's are so good for so many health related things - just don't take one late in the afternoon as this has made it hard for some people to get to sleep - because you are so energized. I have used this product for about 9 years. I clean for a living and I am 58 years old. Great product.! May 18, 2013
Best for the cost Works for me. I can tell my energy level is up. I takes lots of B12 and this compliments them. April 3, 2013
excellant product this is by far the best b's i have ever used...i have purchased many differant brands,and nothing has come close to the quality and price of this product .my enery levels are high,i feel great,and along with swanson's brand benfotimine[[i take 2 twice a day],i feel better than ever.....super great b complex! April 18, 2011
great product This is one of the few products in a B complex that provides 100mg of all of the b vitamins with the exception of folic acid, and it has 400. You are actually supposed to take all of the B's in equal dosage like this one provides, but many brands have varying amounts of the B's. January 19, 2011
I greatly recommend this product. Around the third day I started taking it my energy increased a lot. Now I feel more energetic. I was always tired and did not even want to go working anymore. I just wanted to be sleeping but since I started with the B-Complex there has been I great difference. August 3, 2009
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