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Nature's Way

Alive Whole Food Ultra-Shake Vanilla

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585 grams Pwdr
  • A comprehensive, whole food multivitamin powder

  • Features Solae soy protein

  • A great-tasting vanilla-flavored, vegetarian shake mix
Alive! Ultra Shake is the ultimate nutritional energy source. It's also a comprehensive, whole- food multivitamin with the added benefit of Solae soy protein. Each serving contains more invigorating nutrients from natural sources than any other supplement. Featuring a delicious vanilla flavor, this vegetarian, whole-food shake makes a tasty addition to any diet and exercise program.

Nature's Way Alive Whole Food Ultra-Shake Vanilla Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Alive Whole Food Ultra-Shake Vanilla 4.8 5 28 29
smells good I got vanilla could not get use to the taste / maybe chocolate be better / it is a great product if it did not taste like almonds no matter how many strawberries or juice i used January 6, 2014
Wonderful Multi-Vitamin Great multi in a whole food base, with some good, whole-health extras thrown in. December 12, 2013
Good for you drink It took a bit to figure out what worked best for me. The first time I made it, it went down the drain....it was like playdough...gross....BUT I didn't stop and glad I didn't. I KNOW this is great for me with all the vitamins and everything else... So I figured out the best was was to use the blender with water, juice, ice and frozen fruit.....not too bad!!!! It turns nice and pink when I use frozen strawberries, but if I don't, its green. I drink this every morning for breakfast. Great start to a day!!! February 24, 2013
All In One Shake Nature's Way Alive Whole Food Ultra-Shake Vanilla is a great way to get fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and protein and much more to start off your day. The taste is great mixed with unsweetend almond milk. It blends up wonderfully in my shake cup with wire ball, which is very convienient and quick. One serving leaves me satisfied for 5-6 hours. tthe price on this site is very economic also by saving at least 30% compared to supermaket prices. February 14, 2013
Great Product! I found this product when researching an affordable alternative to a popular vitamin packed mix that is the craze right now. I have been using both vanilla and chocolate for about three weeks now and feel great! I mix the vanilla with a cup of orange juice, a frozen banana, a couple of frozen strawberries and a hand full of frozen blueberries and it tastes great. I tried several other variations and found this one to taste the best. I have also lost 7 lbs since starting the shakes with the combination of working out. I will continue using the shakes for a long time to come. November 27, 2012
The Best Shake Out There!!! This is the best shake I have seen so far. It comes with tons of benefits with it and natural ingredients. It is simply amazing to see the wide variety of things it contains. When I take one cup in the morning, I feel energized and extremely healthy the whole day. I will never run out of this product in my life, Swanson has become my second home...I've started living on their website. Thank you!! September 12, 2012
The Best Multivitamin Take this for a week and you will feel the change you want to see. It really is beneficial to health and carries a large range of things known to be useful. Must try and you will not regret! July 28, 2012
A regular buy I purchase this item each month, no problems at all. It is a great all around product and mixes easily. March 20, 2012
Excellent energy source I use this daily, to give me the extra "boost" that I need to finish the day strong. It has a pleasant vanilla flavor and is somewhat filling too! October 21, 2010
Great in smoothies It would cost a fortune to eat all these ingredients that are in this product everyday and the price on this is 60% less than I was paying for it!!! I stock up and keep a good supply ... I never want to run out of this!!! August 14, 2010
Just ok First off, I did not agree that it tasted like orange dreamcycle. The way it tasted the best to me was mixed with plain yogurt with a little raspberry kefir added. Almost tasted like pudding if you get the right consistency. If I took the entire scoop at one time I felt my heart racing; must be the synthetic B's. So it is better for me to take half a scoop in the morning then the other half when I am having my late afternoon sleep attack. I must admit, I was much better at taking this than the supplements, I absolutely hate swallowing vitamins. But not sure if I want to spend 30 a month on this stuff. I would rather get something more powerful and organic and spend a few dollars more like Green Vibrance or Chlorella (or both) March 15, 2010
Great way to take your supplements! For me this is a much better way to take my vitamins and supplements. It has most everything I was taking seperately in pill form. Now I have a drink in the morning instead of swallowing a whole lot of pills. I just mix it with water and it mixes so easily - no blender needed. The drink has a pleasant take and I highly recommend this product to others. March 8, 2010
great supplement drink This is the most complete multivitamin/mineral supplement powder/drink I have ever tried,all ingredients are natural & I feel like I have a little more energy throughout the day..I would highly recommend it to everyone. February 27, 2010
Whole Foods Made Super Tasty and Bioavailable Just one look at all this whole foods mutlivitamin ingredient label would make you think that this tastes horrible... no way, especially if you drink it with orange juice! Creamsical lovers will love this flavor. I have already left a compliment on Nature's Way's website and it was replied to within a day or two. What a great company to buy from on top of the savings that Swanson's offers. Good taste, value and super bioavailability make this a suplemental tri-fecta! December 22, 2009
Nature's Way Ultra Vanilla Shake The best value for your nutritional dollar. I have seen a more comprehensive whole food, vitamin, mineral, protein supplement on the market today. Plus, you can use it as an ultimate meal replacement shake and get all the nutrients in a one stop drink. November 8, 2009
I love this stuff and Swanson's is a great place at a great price to get it! October 10, 2009
I really love it! I intially bought this for my son. I was taking Swansons whole food vitamins and found them to be very effective. He hates the taste of this drink. I tried it with orange juice and LOVE the taste! Needles to say, he's taking the pills and I'm drinking this every morning. I make it before I leave for work-adding half the juice and stirring well, then adding the rest. By the time I'm at work there are no lumps at all. Just letting it sit a while makes a difference. I think it's like an orange creamsickle- which is surprising when you look at all it contains. There is an apple-cinnamon version I have yet to try, but it's not at Swansons yet. I feel energized after I drink it, and am thinking of giving up my coffee. I don't feel a need for any other stimulant, in fact I took a spoonful of Royal Jelly after it once and felt like running a marathon instead of working. Great source of B12 for vegans too! September 3, 2009
My Best Investment I love Nature's Way Whole Food Ultra-Shake. I drink it every morning instead of coffee and it really gets me going. I am a really busy person with a full-time job and also starting my own business. I used to struggle to get through my day. Since I have been drinking these shakes I have notice a huge difference. I drink mine mixed with orange juice or an orange juice blend. It is delicious. I have recommended it to a few friends and they love it too and have made it part of their routine. I highly recommend this product. August 1, 2009
good stuff My husband and I use this for breakfast...add frozen strawberries, or other fruit and banana..also add some cinnimon. We have found that it is filling and refreshing...and after using for about a month, we seem to have more energy...I like it because it is complete, and my husband doesn't like veggies very much..I think it's an excellent suppliment. July 14, 2009
THE BEST I searched all over for a nutritional, economical, shake mix and found this one which surpassed all the rest in every category. I mix it with sugar free flavored water (cranberry and grape so far) and threw in a few frozxen blueberries and/or frozen banana. . . will also try frozen strawberries and frozen peaches). It's energizing, delicious, and easy to make in my blender. AND, I'm not as hungry the rest of the day (my body isn't craving all kinds of "stuff" because it's been fed everything it needs). I can't imagine how great people all over would be helped with a better, fuller, more productive lifestyle if they started their day with this. TRY IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT! ! ! July 3, 2009
I'm a Believer I read the reviews so I was forewarned about the green color (a little off-putting) however I am very pleased with the vanilla taste and the powder is very fine so it mixes well. My energy has increased where I don't find excuses not to go to the gym and workout. I will be adding this to my daily supplements. February 18, 2009
Love this shake! I love everything this shake has in it. I've paid twice as much at the local store. My 8yr old requests it! Not crazy about the soy, but the rest is FABULOUS! Makes me feel great, my immune system is better than ever! January 9, 2009
Instant Results A whole group of us at work started using this product last year and found out it works!!!. In fact if we miss a day or two, we instantly feel the lack of energy. It works best blended with milk and frozen bananas. Once you get over the green color, the taste is like a banana smoothie. Plus you feel the new energy in just a day or two. Try it and if you can't swallow it try the pill. Some at work opted for the pill but said that they do not feel the full results. January 7, 2009
best i have ever had! everyone in the house loves the taste and the kids get that extra nutritional boost for their day. the neat fact that it is green makes it more fun for everyone. this is easily worth twice the price. (don't get any ideas here swanson's) lol January 1, 2009
My favorite Swanson product. This powdered drink mix contains virtually every vitamin and mineral that I can think of and includes protein and green food as well. It makes a fine breakfast smoothie, especially with soy milk and a frozen banana. It tastes good and it actually IS energizing. The energizing intensity is similar to a cup of coffee, only much milder. When I drink a scoop of Alive powder in the morning I feel as though I have gotten just about every nutrient my body needs for the day and I don't need to concern myself with individual supplements. Sometimes it seems that it's just easier to do it this way. The only thing I don't like about it is the pale green color which doesn't quite match the vanilla flavor but I consider that a minor issue. May 9, 2008
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