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The Arnica Rub

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4 fl oz CreamOther Sizes

  • Arnica Rub for sore muscles and injury treatment

  • Unscented, petroleum free, all natural ingredients

  • Use for stiffness, injuries, muscle pain, back pain, bruises and sprains
The Arnica Rub is an all-purpose cream for active people of all ages that need relief from injuries or overexertion. This fast absorbing cream penetrates through the skin to help heal muscle nerve, tendon and blood vessel damage using Arnica and other supporting ingredients.
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Product Description:

The Arnica Rub

  • Arnica Rub for sore muscles and injury treatment

  • Unscented, petroleum free, all natural ingredients

  • Use for stiffness, injuries, muscle pain, back pain, bruises and sprains
The Arnica Rub is an all-purpose cream for active people of all ages that need relief from injuries or overexertion. This fast absorbing cream penetrates through the skin to help heal muscle nerve, tendon and blood vessel damage using Arnica and other supporting ingredients.

Product Label:

The Arnica Rub

Ingredients: Active: Arnica montana (Leopard's Bane) 1X 8%, Aconitum napellus (Monk's Hood) 1X, Belladonna (Nightshade) 1X, Calendula officinalis (Garden Marigold) 1X, Hamamelis virginica (Witch Hazel) 1X, Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort) 1X, Ruta graveolens (Rue) 1X, Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) 1X.

Directions: For External Use Only. Adult and children over 2 years of age: Apply generously with gentle rubbing to the affected area 2-3 times daily or as needed. Use with a support bandage if desired. For children under 2 years of age consult a physician.

WARNING: If pain persists for more than 5 days, redness or swelling worsens, or new symptoms occur, consult a doctor becuase these could be signs of a serious condition. If a rash develops discontinue use. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

The Arnica Rub

Swanson $7.44
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NatraBio The Arnica Rub Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

The Arnica Rub 4.7 5 32 32
does what it claims The Rub eases sore, stiff muscles. improves movement in my shoulder with torn rotator cuff. Good for injuries, and, along with Arnica tabs, makes my days easier to navigate. July 28, 2014
The Rub beats other rubs I do think I have tried almost every rub (cream/gel/ointment) for knee injury pain and swelling. This one works. The white cream absorbs into skin without being greasy or messy like others can be. It takes such a small amount that the cost is really not too big a deal. July 11, 2014
the rub Good product for the minor aches and pains.Easy to use,does not require gloves.Soap and water wash off.Have continued to purchase this product many times. May 29, 2014
Best Purchase Ever My mother in law bought this. Recommended I use some for my back and leg pain... It worked wonders... I keep 2 extra tubes on hand at all times. Purchased some for my Grandma my mom and a Friend. I love this Rub. Just recently tried it for the soreness on my face after a dentist appt... Worked Awsome... For me anyways I know everybody's body is different... May 22, 2014
This stuff works! This stuff works! I am currently using on my elbow and I feel immensely better, Does not smell . Rubs in nicely December 27, 2013
Relief Arnica Rub cream is wonderful…it doesn't smell like medicine but helps the spot (s) with easy relief. It doesn't get hot like most rubs either. Of course, it's a temporary relief; but sometimes that's all I need to be able to use my hands better. I have RA and can't use the lotions/ creams that get hot. November 25, 2013
Works well for aches and muscle stiffness. October 20, 2013
Excellent Massage Cream This product is easy to use and very effective. It only takes a small amount. It does not act like an exfoliant like some creams do, so it is good to use as a massage cream. I especially like that it isn't too pricey. September 23, 2013
Love This My husband has never believed in natural cures, but loves this. He was ready to try anything for his pain and let me use The Rub. He doesn't use anything else now. I recommended this to my daughter who was suffering from a lot of back pain. She uses this and has recommend it to others. I don't have any other pain rub in my house now. Love that it doesn't have the strong odors of other pain rubs and works better than anything we have tried. September 11, 2013
Best Buy for me The Arnica healing rub has been very satisfactory. Arnica in particular seems to be more of a healing herb than most rubs. The swelling goes down and the pain diminishes, but in a more productive way, in comparison to a temporary effect that most rubs have. It takes away bruising, also. August 16, 2013
NatroBio Arnica Rub I use this Arnica rub every night. I have Rumatory Arthritis and a bad back. I rub the Natro Bio on the soreness, it really helps. Easy to use and smells good. July 25, 2013
we like it We use this stuff almost on a daily basis. No odor, and feels great. July 25, 2013
Arnica Rub I use this on the shoulder when I have tension and stress, it is really cooling and help relax my muscles; especially when I use it before sleep. July 9, 2013
convenience of internet shopping This is great pain relief without side effects and very effective topical treatment for muscle and nerve type body pain. Same product in specialty stores is much more expensive. July 7, 2013
Does a great job I use this cream when I perform massages. I use a dollop of the cream along with a bit of shea butter (to act as an emollient). My clients have all responded well since I started using this. June 27, 2013
Great Stuff, no smell Arnica has always been one of my favorite remedies for injuries and sprains. Now as I get older I use it weekly for past broken bones and aches. It works right away and without the smell of Menthol. I also take Arnica pills. It's a wonder drug with no drowsy side effects. Swansons is half the price of my local health food store on this rub. June 17, 2013
i recently severely bruised the bottom of my femur where it meets the knee. its been in quite a deal of on and off pain for the past few months. this rub is a great temporary relief of any pain! worked on my sore wrist muscles after a long day in the kitchen. and i had given it to my friend to use after stepping on a nail at his shop and it also helped him immensely. as well as applying it to my friends popped vertebrae for some instant relief. its only temporary but it works very quickly. smells a little yeasty. but i love it! June 6, 2013
Great Product I first used this product after my Carpel tunnel surgery to help prevent bruising. Didn't have it for my left hand but after I had my Right hand done I rubbed a little up under my bandages & had very little bruising. April 14, 2013
Best Purchase Ever I bought this rub cuz a friend had recommended it for arthritis. I have arthritis in my left thumb anad it really hasn't made the pain go away, but makes it more bearable. I mostly use it for my sore muscles after I work out. It really helps that a lot. April 5, 2013
Value Value Value This stuff is a great on EVERY LEVEL! Price Quality Effectiveness Useability Goes on clean, no perfumes, covers well, and works great! I saw a tiny amount of arnica at my local grocery store and at a local health food store... was over 3 times the price for a smaller amount! Just another amazing value from Swansons! Thanks y'all! April 2, 2013
the Arnica Rub This is a good product and is effective in relieving muscle and joint pain after strenuous exercise. March 7, 2013
GREAT - Good Quality Use it for neck & hip pain, have chronic pain, it does help me. I can not take pain medication, so this is very helpful. Also, no smell. March 1, 2013
great product It works very well, is not greasy, and has no smell to it. I can comfortably go to bed after applying it, and I don't need to worry about it staining my bedding. Love it! February 8, 2013
Leg pain relive... I suffer for years of something like restless legs syndrome but never diagnosed. These are unexplained pains on my legs that increase at night and do not allow me to fall sleep. During my crisis, I had tried some different methods, massage, menthol, etc.. Only when I decide to use Arnica before bed time with a gentle massage is when I really feel a relief and inexplicably I wake up with the feeling really has been resting overnight. It is like a new starting day. January 28, 2013
Gets the pain out This helps with my aching hand and other pains. I burned my finger when I picked up a piece of charcoal I didn't think had caught (and was very wrong) and put this on the burn; it didn't blister and there was no pain at all within a couple of hours. We use for any pain or bruise or injury. Great stuff! November 1, 2012
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