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  • A homeopathic remedy to stomp out the sniffles

  • Stimulates the body's natural healing response

  • No side effects
Say goodbye to the sniffles! Hyland's Sinus formula is a traditional homeopathic remedy for symptoms of runny nose and sinus congestion due to the common cold. Safe for adults and children, it stimulates the body's natural healing response without contraindications or side effects.

Hyland's Sinus Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Sinus 4.6 5 22 24
Sinus Relief When I wake up feeling stuffy, I take a couple of these tablets, usually continuing through the day...usually helps sinuses drain within a day for me...if not, I do an extra day. Easy to carry in my purse...Always have in the house !!! January 18, 2014
Sinus homeopathy Seems to work quickly and efficiently for stuffy nose. No rebound. January 8, 2014
Best purchase ever Two tablets under tongue every 4 hrs. It works in 30 mins it great for sinus relief December 21, 2013
sinus issues take this product My husband has been taking this product for the last few months & it's been amazing for him. He has sinus issues as we live in Colorado where it's very dry & he has a lot of mucus that bothers him. With this product he has almost wiped out any blowing his nose or sniffing every few minutes. It helps at night for breathing also. Love it!!! December 15, 2013
Not good This stuff don't work. I had tried it different times and it just don't work. October 25, 2013
Great product Since December 2000, I have been using regularly for help with respiratory and immune systems, and help with sinusitis. September 21, 2013
Excellent I always keep a supply of Hyland's Sinus pills with me. It's great for clearing up my throat when allergies begin to clog it. June 11, 2013
instant relief! Any time I feel that I am having a runny nose episode in this very moody, humid, rainy weather, I take my 3 pills and, wow, five minutes pass and I am OK. May 26, 2013
A Great Alternative A natural product I use often when needed. I truly recommend this product. April 2, 2013
Works great This product works quickly and effectively for sinus problems related to colds or allergies with no side effects. March 22, 2013
sinus at the first sign of stuffyness and pressure I take my pills and all is good. It helps stop it before it gets to the point I have to go to the doctor for sinus infection or worse. March 14, 2013
Great product This product has given me much relief from my sinus discomfort. When I start to have problems I just take a couple of these little tablets and soon have relief. December 1, 2012
It works for my family11 I wasn't sure that this product would help with our allergies, but for my family and me, it did! I bought a few bottles to have around the house when our allergies act up. They are chalky when they melt in your mouth, but don't really taste like anything. My kids like them and it's a great price compared to getting them at a vit. store. November 17, 2011
Works very well I've been using this for about a year. It works very well. I use it mainly in Spring and Fall, with the Hyland's # 4 6x. My husband uses them also. They are easy to take and we can take them fairly often if we need to. September 18, 2011
Smart buy I have purchased this product before. It works to do just what it says, "relieve" sinus congestion. I had to convince several people to use ths product. After they did they were pleased. Most used the product after sneezing and were relieved of sinus pressure minutes after taking 2-3 tabs. If severe symptoms are present I take a second dosage and do not need any later. Smart natural buy! June 16, 2011
Sinus relief Wonderful. It is VERY effective. January 10, 2011
Great for allergies I get allergies each spring and this makes my nose stop running. It works great! February 11, 2010
Helps you breathe! I take this product quite a lot and it really helps to unclog my nose. Easy to use - just dissolve two tablets under your tongue. February 3, 2010
Very helpful These little tablets live up to their claim! Our whole family takes them and they have been effective for all of us. Good price on it here at Swansons too. February 2, 2010
Wonderful Stuff! This is some excellent stuff! I was first introduced to Hyland's sinus 4 years ago by a co-worker. My daughter is 6 years old and suffers from allergies something fierce. She is allergic to East Texas and since we can't relocate, we're stuck with allergies. We use these tablets (3 tablets) every morning and on rare occasion we add another 3 tablet dose if her nose starts running later in the day. I started paying about $6 a bottle retail, and the price shot up to about $12 a bottle in a 6 month period. I found Swanson's about 2 years ago, and I've been a returning customer since. I have noticed that this does not work with all allergies - but my daughter suffers from pollen, dust, mold, etc and it's great for her. :) January 12, 2010
This really works for me I rely on this product to breathe free all night. Most products I use I take for maintenance of wellness; this is one of the very few products I take that gives me instant feedback. I've needed this product for many years. Thank you Swanson for introducing me to this product. September 22, 2009
Did not work Was dissapointed with the product because it did not work at all January 12, 2009
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