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Anti-Aging & Exercise Recovery
Save 80%
Promotes Concentration
Save 70%
"You will notice a difference after taking 1 cap a day for 3 days! Great price, super quality. I've noticed improved focus, concentration and memory." -Sacalait
Cardiovascular & Mental Support
Save 68%
"I having been buying this product from Swanson for several years. The soft gels are easily swallowed and leave no after taste. The product works well and is priced very fairly. Two thumbs up!" -Stryder
Potent Mental Support
Save 68%
"I have been taking this product for the last 2 weeks, and feel truly amazing. I have tried ashwagandha from few other brands before, but have never felt the effects so strong." -HealthFreak123
Potent Eye Protection
Save 68%
  • Swanson Ultra
  • Lutein
  • 40 mg 60 Sgels
  • Retail $18.49
  • Swanson $10.99
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"Swanson's Lutein 40mg is effective and has the best price in the market." -FJGC
Promotes Soft, Youthful Skin
Save 67%
"I have tried many, many facial products and I have finally found the perfect cream. It is light and it does not have a strong perfume scent. I use it twice a day and have received many compliments on my skin." -amylynn
Optimal Immune System Aid
Save 64%
"I have used this for a few years, and I find it helps ensure that I get the needed nutrients. I love it!" -Jandoro
Metabolism Support
Save 64%
"I take Pantothenic Acid capsules every night before bedtime & I now sleep like a baby. They help me relax as well as make me feel better mentally. I'm very happy with this product. In fact, I have already got three other people using it too! Thank you for a good product!" -Hurcar
Vegan-Friendly Protein Source
Save 64%
"Swanson's pea protein powder is such a super way to ingest protein. It is easily digestible, even for small children or older adults. It mixes up easily in a blender." -authorlady
Gluten Free Flour Alternative
Save 63%
"This coconut flour is a very nice flour to bake with. You don't use very much of it any of the recipes. It is a very light coconut flavor." -debilicious
Improved Memory & Focus
Save 63%
"This is the absolute BEST antioxidant I have found. Thumbs up for Swanson!" -southernbell
Joint & Muscle Care
Save 63%
"I have tried a lot of comfort creams, and this is the first one I have found that I love this much. There is no tell-tale smell at all. It is so silky smooth that I can use it easily on my legs, neck, arms, back ... anywhere I need it. Works fast, too! ... My mobility and joint comfort is the best it's been in years!" -PaulaF
Enhanced Nutrition
Save 63%
"I find these enzymes affordable and quite helpful. I highly recommend this product." -slmethel
Essential Energy Vitamin
Save 63%
"This triple action B-12 is great. I have a lot of energy. It is convenient to take. It is easy to order and always at a great price. I invited all of my friends to start to order this way." -JackJack
Potent Prostate Support
Save 61%
  • Swanson Superior Herbs
  • Saw Palmetto
  • 320 mg 60 Sgels
  • Retail $13.99
  • Swanson $8.99
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"Really works. Haven't had to use anything else since started using this. Swanson's prices are the best." -Grandma11
Nourishes Hair, Skin & Nails
Save 60%
  • Swanson Superior Herbs
  • Bamboo Extract
  • 300 mg 60 Veg Caps
  • Retail $12.49
  • Swanson $6.99
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"My hair and nails are growing so fast and looks healthier too!" -Savanah29
Antioxidant Support
Save 60%
"This is one of my favorite products for enhancing the immune system and staying healthy. I HAVE recommended it numerous times to family and friends. I think if I only could have ONE supplement, this would be it." -Firewalker
ATP Energizer
Save 60%
  • Swanson Ultra
  • CoQ10 60
  • 60 mg 120 Sgels
  • Retail $14.99
  • Swanson $9.39
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"Have been using this Q10 product for years. It does what Q10 is supposed to do and we wouldn't be without it. Very good value." -Neptune
Promotes Gastrointestinal Health
Save 59%
"This stuff works! If you don't like drinking a glass of that orange psyllium stuff, then try these in pill form..." -4EVERyoung
Premium Liver Nutrition
Save 57%
  • Swanson Condition Specific Formulas
  • Liver Essentials
  • 90 Caps
  • Retail $13.99
  • Swanson $6.99
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"Excellent product. More effective than others I've used." -RonNo
Promotes Energy & Heart Health
Save 57%
"I have good energy with this vitamin. I have been giving it to my daughter now and she said her energy levels stay very well balanced all through her day. I would recommend this product for everyone!" -4GoodEnergy
Maintain Lipid Balance
Save 57%
"Swanson Ultra has solved the flushing and itching problem and this product is truly effective. ... There is no niacin product that I know of on the market that compares in quality, price and performance to Swanson Ultra!" -DaytonaRich
Natural Detoxifier
Save 56%
"Bowel comfort much improved since taking this supplement." -UConnRon
Supports Cardiovascular & Immune Health
Save 56%
  • Swanson Premium
  • L-Arginine
  • 500 mg 200 Caps
  • Retail $12.49
  • Swanson $7.99
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"I have an increase in energy and endurance. I ordered extra this time - would not want to be without it." -Ticket
Herbal Liver Protection
Save 56%
"...I found THIS product to actually help do exactly what the bottle says - I take it everyday and just by the way I feel it IS working better than I thought it ever would - GREAT Product and a GREAT company that it's service never falls below an A+" -ZD07
Low Glycemic Sugar Substitute
Save 56%
"I love this Xylitol! Made from Birch, in the US, which is a rare find. Texture and taste can't be beat. I use it everyday! ... Price is Half of other outlets. Swanson's best product, I think!" -workin2bhealthy
Efficient Food Digestion Aid
Save 55%
"These are my family's go-to digestive enzyme product! Fabulous ingredients, fabulous price, and they work better than any other digestive enzyme product I've ever tried! ..." -KinseyKoo
Nutrient-Packed Energy Booster
Save 50%
"I like the Brewers Yeast. I add it to my shakes, coffee, & pudding for additional protein, vitamin, & minerals." -Jasen
Overall Wellness & Eye Health
Save 48%
"Not only is there great value for the money but the overall feeling of health gives me comfort as I age." -Barrie
Powerful Energy Aid
Save 45%
"My wife and I have tried several other "energy augment" products and recommend this one highly. It's gentle yet effective for the entire day. Gives a subtle boost and helps keep the afternoon doldrums away!" -PeeksNY
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