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Have you ever stumbled across an unfamiliar word when reading about vitamins and supplements? Health and wellness can be a complex adventure. Maybe a new product features ingredients you've never heard of. Or maybe you just need a reminder about a certain term. When a quick reference check is needed, visit our Natural Health Glossary for a brief definition (or a link to more detailed information in our Health Encyclopedia). Be sure to keep this helpful, easy-to-search resource one click away: bookmark it!


SAMe: (SAM-me) see SAMe encyclopedia entry

Saw Palmetto: (saw palmetto) see saw palmetto encyclopedia entry

Scurvy: (SCUR-vee) A deficiency disease caused by a prolonged lack of vitamin C.

Selenium: (se-LEN-ee-um) An essential trace mineral used to make glutathione. see selenium encyclopedia entry

Serotonin: (sara-TONE-in) A neurotransmitter involved in mood and emotions.

Shark Cartilage: (shark CART-ill-lidge) see shark cartilage encyclopedia entry

Silica: (SILL-ick-ah) see silica encyclopedia entry

Slippery Elm: (slippery elm) see slippery elm encyclopedia entry

Soluble fiber: (SOLL-yoo-ball) Dietary fiber that dissolves in water to form a gel.

Soy/soybean: (soy/soybean) see soy/soybean encyclopedia entry

Spirulina: (SPY-rue-lie-nuh) see spirulina encyclopedia entry

St. John's Wort: (St. John’s Wurt) see St. John's Wort encyclopedia entry

Stearate: (STARE-ate) An compound of stearic acid.

Stearic acid: (STARE-ick) A saturated fatty acid widely distributed in plant and animal fats (also known as octadecanoic acid).

Steroids: (STARE-roydz) Fat-soluble compounds usually in the form of hormones or bile acids. Steroid hormones are manufactured in the adrenal glands from cholesterol.

Stevia: (STEE-vee-uh) A South American herb with sweet tasting leaves.

Sulfur: (sulfur) An essential mineral found in every tissue of the body. It's needed to make many proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and hormones.

Systolic: (SIS-tall-ick) Blood pressure upon contraction of the heart muscle. It is the first number given in a blood pressure reading.

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Taurine: (TAR-reen) A sulfur-containing amino acid.

Tea Tree: (tea tree) see tea tree encyclopedia entry

T-helper cell: (T-helper cell) A type of lymphocyte involved in the direct attack against invading organisms.

Thiamin: (THIGH-a-min) Vitamin B-1. see thiamin encyclopedia entry

Thymus: (THIGH-mus) A gland located at the base of the neck that produces hormones vital to the immune system.

Thyroid: (THIGH-royd) A small gland in the neck that produces hormones that regulate metabolism.

Tocopherol: (toe-COUGH-er-all) Another name for vitamin E. See Alpha tocopherol.

Tocotrienols: (toe-co-TREE-nalls) Antioxidant compounds closely related to vitamin E, often found in natural-source vitamin E supplements with mixed tocopherols.

Toxicity: (tock-SIS-it-ee) A poisonous reaction that damages cells or impairs body functions.

Toxin: (TOCK-sin) A poison that impairs body functions.

Transrectal ultrasonography: (transrectal  ultrasonography) A procedure in which sound waves generated by a probe inserted into the rectum are bounced off of the prostate gland. A computer uses the echoes produced by the sound waves to create a picture called a sonogram.

Tribulus: (TRIB-you-lus) see tribulus encyclopedia entry

Triglycerides: (try-GLISS-er-ridez) Fat storage compounds that comprise the major lipid portion of the diet.

Tryptophan: (TRIP-toe-fan) An essential amino acid used in the body to make niacin.

Tyrosine: (TIE-roe-seen) A non-essential amino acid.

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Ubiquinone: (you-BEE-kwin-own) Another name for coenzyme Q10.

Urethra: (you-WREATH-ra) The canal through which urine is discharged from the bladder in most mammals and through which semen is discharged in the male.

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