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Have you ever stumbled across an unfamiliar word when reading about vitamins and supplements? Health and wellness can be a complex adventure. Maybe a new product features ingredients you've never heard of. Or maybe you just need a reminder about a certain term. When a quick reference check is needed, visit our Natural Health Glossary for a brief definition (or a link to more detailed information in our Health Encyclopedia). Be sure to keep this helpful, easy-to-search resource one click away: bookmark it!


Gamma linolenic acid (GLA): (GAM-uh  lin-OH-len-ick A-sid) An omega-6 fatty acid found in evening primrose oil and borage oil.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA): (GAM-uh- uh-MEEN-oh-byoo-TEAR-ick A-sid) see GABA encyclopedia entry

Garcinia: (GAR-sin-ee-ah) see garcinia encyclopedia entry

Garlic: (GAR-lick) see garlic encyclopedia entry

Ginger: (JIN-jer) see ginger encyclopedia entry

Ginkgo biloba: (GINK-go  bil-LOW-bah) see ginko biloba encyclopedia entry

Ginseng, American: (JIN-sing) see american ginseng encyclopedia entry

Ginseng, Korean: see korean ginseng encyclopedia entry

Ginseng, Siberian (Eleuthero): (JIN-sing, Sigh-BEER-ee-an) see siberian ginseng encyclopedia entry

Glucomannan: (glue-COE-man-an) see glucomannan encyclopedia entry

Gluconate: (GLUE-con-ate) A salt of gluconic acid.

Gluconic acid: (glue-CON-ick) An organic acid produced by the oxidation of glucose (also known as maltonic acid and dextronic acid).

Glucosamine: (glue-CO-sa-mean) see glucosamine encyclopedia entry

Glucose: (GLUE-cose) A simple sugar that serves as the body's energy-storage sugar.

Glucose tolerance factor (GTF): (GTF) A chromium-based compound that works with insulin to facilitate the uptake of glucose by cells.

Glutamine: (GLUE-ta-meen) A nonessential amino acid found in plant and animal tissue and proteins.

Glutathione: (glue-ta-THIGH-own) The body's most prevalent antioxidant enzyme. see glutathione encyclopedia entry

Glycogen: (GLIE-co-jen) The chief carbohydrate storage material in the body, comprised of a long chain of glucose molecules.

GMO: (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms.

Goldenseal: (goldenseal) see goldenseal encyclopedia entry

Gotu Kola: (GO-too  CO-la) see gotu kola encyclopedia entry

Grapefruit Seed: (grapefruit seed) see grapefruit seed encyclopedia entry

Grapeseed Extract: (grapeseed extract) see grapeseed extract encyclopedia entry

Green Tea: (green tea) see encyclopedia entry

Guar gum: (GWAR gum) A soluble fiber found in beans, nuts, grains, and seeds.

Guarana: (GWAR-uh-nah) see guaran encyclopedia entry

Guggul: (GOO-gall) see guggul encyclopedia entry

Gymnema Sylvestre: (JIM-nee-ma SIL-vest-tree)

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Hawthorn Berry: (hawthorn berry) see hawthorn berry encyclopedia entry

Hemoglobin: (HEE-moe-glow-bin) An iron-based compound that enables red blood cells to transport oxygen.

Hepatic: (hi-PAT-ick) Of or pertaining to the liver.

Hesperidin: (hess-PAIR-id-in) A flavonoid found in citrus fruits. It enhances the antioxidant potency of vitamin C.

High density lipoprotein (HDL): (HDL) Often called "good cholesterol" because it helps remove LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Histamine: (HISS-ta-mean) A chemical released in the body when an allergic reaction occurs, responsible for many allergy symptoms.

Holistic medicine: (hoe-LISS-tick  medicine) Therapy aimed at treating the whole person, rather than a specific area where symptoms occur.

Homocysteine: (HOE-moe-SIS-teen) A natural amino acid metabolite that can damage artery walls.

Hops: (hops) see hops encyclopedia entry

Horehound: (horehound) An aromatic plant (Marrubium vulgare) in the mint family.

Horse Chestnut: (horse chestnut) see horse chestnut encyclopedia entry

Horsetail: (horsetail) see horsetail encyclopedia entry

HCl (Hydrochloride): (high-drow-KLOR-ide) A salt of hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid: (high-drow-KLOR-ick  A-sid) A pungent, colorless gas compounded of chlorine and hydrogen, found commercially as a strong solution of the gas in water. see hydrochloric acid encyclopedia entry

Hyaluronic Acid: (high-lure-ON-ick A-sid) A mucopolysaccharide found in spaces around tissue, the synovial fluid of joints and the vitreous humor of the eyes, acting as a binding, lubricating and protective agent.

Hyssop: (HISS-op) see hyssop encyclopedia entry

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Immunoglobulins: (im-you-no-GLOB-you-linz) Antibodies

Infusions: (in-FEW-shunz) Teas produced by steeping herbs in hot water.

Inositol: (in-OSS-uh-tall) A nutrient in the B-complex that is required for the formation of certain brain chemicals. see inositol encyclopedia entry

Inositol hexaniacinate (or hexanicotinate): (in-OSS-uh-tall  hecks-uh-NIGH-uh-sin-ate) A form of niacin combined with inositol. It is often called "flush-free" niacin because it doesn't cause the flushing sensation many people experience with ordinary niacin supplements.

Insulin: (IN-suh-lin) A hormone produced by the pancreas. It is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and for regulating blood sugar levels.
Interferon: An immune-boosting substance produced by the body's cells to fight viral infection and cancer.

Interferon: An immune-boosting substance produced by the body's cells to fight viral infection and cancer.

Inulin: (IN-you-lin) A polysaccharide found in the roots of various plants that yields fructose when hydrolyzed; also a form of soluble fiber.

In vitro: (in-VEE-tro) In an artificial environment outside the living body of an animal or plant.

In vivo: (in-VEE-vo) In the living body of an animal or plant.

Iodine: (EYE-uh-dine) An essential trace mineral required for normal thyroid activity. see iodine encyclopedia entry

Ionic: (eye-ON-ick) Consisting of, containing, or involving ions.

Ions: (EYE-onz) Atoms that have acquired an electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons.

Iron: (EYE-urn) see iron encyclopedia entry

Isoflavones: (eye-so-FLAY-vownz) Hormone-like compounds found in soy beans.

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