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Garden of Life

Super Seed

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In Stock
600 g, en polvo
Gluten Free
  • Fuente de fibra dietética, de origen vegetal y rica en nutrientes
  • Promueve un medio intestinal sano
  • Mezcla de alimentos integrales de semillas de granos germinados y legumbres certificadas orgánicas y libres de químicos
Super Seed es una poderosa fórmula de alimento integral que proporciona a su cuerpo una fuente de fibra dietética de origen vegetal, rica en nutrientes y muy utilizada. Super Seed es una mezcla de alimentos integrales de semillas de granos germinados y legumbres certificadas orgánicas y libres de químicos. Cada uno de los ingredientes de Super Seed es elegido específicamente por su capacidad excepcional para mejorar y mantener la salud intestinal. Sin gluten.

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Super Seed 4.5 5 25 26
Improve your plumbing Super Seed is an excellent fiber supplement . I find it easy to take. I mix one scoop (included) into a tall glass of orange juice, before bedtime, keeps me regular as when I was a youth. April 14, 2014
Wonderful stuff I see all the ingredients in this and know they are great for health...but it is the nutty taste that has won me over. I put it in yogurt and in cereal. It adds the perfect ZIP and makes the consistency more interesting too. I won't ever let myself run out of it. December 13, 2013
Great product I've been using this product for years. This helps provide enough fiber to keep everything moving through the pipes. July 7, 2013
Easy, tasty fiber. So happy I finally tried this, I learned about it years ago. It will be the product I use from now on. I would advise to start slow, only a teaspoon full at first and work up to a full scoop over days or weeks. After using for about a month it really makes me feel invincible. Super Seed! June 27, 2013
Wonderful with Oatmeal! I have been adding Super Seed to my morning oatmeal for the past year as part of my healthy lifestyle changes. It's organic & chemical-free & the fiber effects are significant. Unlike other reviews, I really like the taste & haven't experienced any bloating. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for ways to improve intestinal health! June 14, 2013
Super Seed This product makes my skin breakout badly. June 11, 2013
shake looked exactly like mud This stuff looks and taste (with finger) like it is chocolate flavored but it is not. I tried various scoops per 1liter, i.e., between 1/2 scoop to 2 scoops and it all tasted awful. Don't waste your time with this gargabe like I did. I threw out the opened one (3/4 full) and the full unopened one I don't know what to do with. Stick with the garden of life raw protein flavors and you will be ok. May 26, 2013
great value best value- full of fiber, nutrients, vitamins. Do your research, then buy from Swanson for a great value! March 5, 2013
Highly Effective I take once daily... keeps me regular and feeling good.... been using for a number of years and will continue. October 17, 2012
Breakfast Favorite I enjoy this with oatmeal & quinoa, even mixed in with an energy drink or smoothy. March 13, 2012
Bloats my stomach This product is convenient to add to shakes; however, even when I use half of recommended dose, my stomach gets bloated and extended. I feel pain in the stomach and it does not help me to go to the bathroom more. So I guess deciding whether or not to buy this product rests on if your stomach is sensitive and easily bloats up. January 16, 2012
Super seed an excellent choice for fiber This is the best fiber that I have ever used. It has chia seed, flax seed, probiotics, sprouts, and even some cinnamon. It is a natural rather than synthetic product, and it really does the job. After initial experimentation I have found that it will work just using every other day, or a few times a week. I have sent some of this fiber to various friends and relatives, and it has been a great success with them. Can't recommend it highly enough. September 24, 2010
Excellent Product I put this in my smoothies. Excellent Product , high nutrition, Great Price!!! August 14, 2010
Awesome Product I Love this product. It has alot of natural & Organic ingredients and it taste Great. I usually like to mix it with orange juice/ banana to make a smoothie, usually in the morning, before I go out for a morning walk. It gives me that extra boost... Also like the fact that I'm getting my omega-3 and fiber, who can asks for anything more. I Highly Recommend this Product. January 24, 2010
Super Seed Good product to keep you "regular". A little gritty if mixed in just water, but I drink it fast. I use this every morning. December 5, 2009
not for me This product tastes great, worked good, but broke me out with cystic acne very bad. I've read many articles on the effects of flax on different people and I must be one of the ones that can't take it. This may be a good product but not for me. November 6, 2009
Only fiber that works for me Tried another fiber supplement paid about $120 for it for 3 months & had minimal results. This fiber is actually a food blend with sprouted seeds. It also tastes excellent, has cinnamin taste & contains stevia which is an herb that is sweet, which I use as a swettener on a regular basis. I look forward to taking this fiber every day & have it in the morning in a smoothy with unsweetened frozen fruit, water, stevia, a little bit of coconut milk for added thickness & a scoop of this fiber & it's the best smoothy ever! Beats anything you can get a any of the juice places for far less money & much better for you. During the day just drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters & have been going at least twice or sometimes 3 times a day. It tastes excellent & keeps me regular unlike other fibers & it really does taste good. Give it a try because it's good to have fiber in your diet & it's hard to get it just by eating & once again Swanson has best price September 15, 2009
Great product with great results I have been using this product for about a month now and really pleased with results. I drink it every morning with a glass of water, shortly after waking up, and usually before dinner. This product has the benefit of providing fiber but a convenient way to get the nutrients from an excellent blend of nuts, seeds, and beans. I find that it helps stabilize my blood sugar and energy during the day. The taste isn't really bad....have not had need to blend with smoothie or fruit juice. September 7, 2009
Best fiber you'll ever find! I have never understood why people get the fibers that are clear and "mix instantly" in their water and juice. I've never found them effective, and I feel that a fiber that "disappears" is likely to just "disappear" in my digestive tract, too. Not exactly what I call effective! Not only is this product effective, but when you mix it in liquid, the fiber actually expands the longer it saturates which is GOOD! That means it does that inside of you, too, so that it can sweep you clean of all of the bad & yuckiness inside you! Not only does it do that for you, but it also has a pleasant cinnimon-taste which is great for smoothies with bananas in them! Yum yummy! Delicious! Still not convinced? What if I told you that you could cut down on how many supplements you take by removing the need for probiotic pills? This fiber HAS probiotics in it! Need more Omega 3 in your diet? That's included, too! So what are you waiting for??? :) July 28, 2009
Super Seed Provides excellent sources of fiber and tastes good too. December 29, 2008
Best purchase ever I use it daily and it keeps me regular. I feel healthy. December 15, 2008
great purchase This is the only product I can take that does not bloat me. I have tried everything and this is the best, in my opinion. Because it has NO psyllium in it. It gives you fiber and protein. It also curbs my appetite if I take it in the morning. I'm full and no cravings. Very good. December 3, 2008
Awesome! Great product with an excellent ingredient profile at a good price! The taste and mixability are spectacular! Recommended it all of my friends...! You cannot go wrong with this product for colon/digestive health AND overall health! November 25, 2008
good fiber product This is the best fiber product that I've tried, and I've tried quite a few. It's more effective than psyllium. Swanson has the best price for this product. November 19, 2008
Every day stuff Superseed not only has fiber but has whole food blends and probiotics to kick start your day!. I put it in a protein shake every morning. June 18, 2008
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