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New Fenugreek Extract Answers Need for Natural Testosterone Support

Fenugreek is nothing new, but Testofen® isn't your average Fenugreek. It's the result of diligent scientific research performed by Gencor Pacific, a global nutraceutical leader deeply rooted in the traditions of India's ancient natural medical system of Ayurveda. Gencor specializes in unlocking the potential of Ayurveda's traditional herbal remedies through the use of advanced technology, creating unique solutions for the modern world.

Different Forms, Different Benefits

Fenugreek supplements come in a variety of forms for a variety of specialized needs. The herb contains over 100 phytochemicals plus soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals. There are Fenugreek extracts that concentrate broad spectrum saponins for lipid maintenance, Fenugreek fiber extracts for weight maintenance and glucose support and traditional Fenugreek preparations used in Ayurvedic remedies for gastrointestinal health and various other indications.

Testofen, unlike other Fenugreek products available today, contains high concentrations of a specific group of saponin glycosides isolated and characterized exclusively by Gencor scientists. These compounds, called fenusides, are the subject of ongoing research that Gencor believes will continue to support Fenugreek's testosterone-promoting benefits.

Encouraging Preliminary Research

Gencor Pacific specializes in modernizing ancient Ayurvedic herbals, tapping their potential to benefit modern civilization. Often this means going beyond the accepted science to discover new hidden applications. Such is the case with Testofen.

In Ayurveda Fenugreek is valued mostly for its effects on blood sugar and gastrointestinal comfort. But many practitioners also recognize its benefits for hormonal support. It is this secondary use that inspired Gencor scientists. By examining the historical literature, they discovered that Fenugreek's hormonal benefits are related to its effects on testosterone, which, among other things, appeared to enhance libido in both men and women.

After isolating the fenusides believed responsible for Fenugreek's hormonal activities, developers began testing their extract on animals. They found that their preparation was able to produce changes in "intracarvenous pressure," a key factor in sexual stimulation. They also documented direct effects on testosterone levels, leading to libido enhancement and promotion of muscle mass development.

Human Trial Confirms Results

Free testosterone chart

Encouraged by these early trials, researchers designed the first human study to test the testosterone-supporting potential of their fenuside extract. Rather than examine the effects in those suffering from low testosterone, which could skew the results, they chose to study a group already possessing peak testosterone activity: males aged 18 to 35 trained for resistance/power exercise.

Fifty-five subjects completed the placebo-controlled trial, with 29 receiving the Testofen preparation (active) and 26 receiving placebo (control). All subjects were evaluated at three intervals during the eight-week trial.

The most profound results were seen in the measurements of free testosterone, which more than doubled in the active group compared to placebo. Those receiving Testofen showed near 100-percent increase in free testosterone (see graph). While weight remained the same, body composition improved. Reductions in skin-fold thickness were significant, indicating loss of body fat compensated by newly developed muscle mass. Blood urea nitrogen, a direct marker of protein breakdown, also improved.

Is Testofen For You?

Here at Swanson, we're commited to making unique and effective innovations like Testofen accessible to everyone. Until now, Testofen has been sold almost exclusively through bodybuilding and sport supplement retailers. But what if you're not a bodybuilder? What if you've passed your "prime" years? Could Testofen benefit you, too? Research continues, and we'll keep you posted as new data becomes available. Meanwhile, if you're interested in supporting healthy testosterone levels, give it a try and see what safe, natural Testofen can do for you.