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A Swanson Exclusive! 100% Pure Crinum Latifolium—The Legendary Vietnamese "Herb of Kings" for Prostate Health

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

Coming of age as I did in the 1960s, I developed a lifelong fascination with the country of Vietnam. Over the years, I've spent a lot of time there, learning about the culture and getting to know the people of this unique and beautiful country.

Back in 2010, I was surprised to learn that there was one secret the Vietamese had been keeping from me and the rest of the world. A secret so well kept that even I, as well-versed in herbal traditions as I am, had yet to uncover. That secret was Crinum latifolium, known in Vietnam as the "King's Herb" because, historically, it was so valued that it was reserved exclusively for use by the royal family.

Even today, this member of the lily family is carefully guarded and regulated, its export protected by the Vietnamese government. The more I learned about Crinum, the more interested I became in sharing this secret with you, our valued Swanson customers. Now, after years of negotiation, I'm pleased to present to you our 100% pure Swanson Ultra Crinum Latifolium veggie capsules, produced with no binders or fillers of any kind—no magnesium stearate, no maltodextrin, no rice flour—so that you, too, can benefit from this time-honored herbal wonder just as the Vietnamese have for centuries.

Crinum Supports Male Prostate Health

My search for answers about Crinum eventually led me to Dr. Son Hung Nguyen, one of the few medical professionals with knowledge of traditional Vietnamese herbalism who was willing to discuss this closely guarded secret. Crinum, he told me, had recently caught the attention of medical researchers who had begun publishing studies in medical journals and working to commercialize production of this revered and, some might say, sacred herb. The Vietnamese people were wary of this new interest and protective of their traditions. Any effort to work with Crinum must be undertaken with the utmost respect to the farmers and villagers who cultivate the herb. With my agreement of honor, he then shared with me the secrets of Crinum latifolium.

Until very recently, he told me, doctors were not allowed to talk about Crinum. This was the herb of kings, reserved only for those of the highest social stature. It was believed that Crinum would promote long life, virility and fertility. Today, we have evidence to suggest that these ancient beliefs were, in fact, not far from the truth. Studies suggest Crinum supports prostate health through unique mechanisms still being investigated.

As news of Crinum has spread and its commercial availability has widened, men have taken notice. One man in California told a local newspaper that thanks to Crinum, he now sleeps through the night instead of waking to use the bathroom over and over again. Another man, as reported in a personal blog online, found that taking Crinum helped him regain urinary comfort and control throughout the day as well as at night.

Dr. Son Hung Nguyen, Binh Thuan Province

Dr. Son Hung Nguyen, Binh Thuan Province

Research appears to support these anecdotal reports. Dr. Son Hung Nguyen expects to see more specific research in the coming years.

100% Pure, Wild Crafted, Hand Harvested & Additive Free

SWU852 field

Crinum latifolium, also known as the Trumpet Lily, is a perennial plant with long, linear leaves and large white flowers. While it grows wild in the hillsides of Vietnam, plants take years to mature and can be difficult to access in remote, undeveloped regions. This is one of the reasons why the "secret" of Crinum has been so carefully guarded by the Vietnamese people. Today, however, many people see traditional herbal products as an opportunity to improve economic conditions and quality of life in developing areas. At Swanson, we're doing our part to support this effort.

SWU852 Flower

The 100% pure Crinum latifolium used in our Swanson Ultra® capsules comes from one specific farm run by one family who cultivates the plants from wild-crafted stock in the countryside near one of Vietnam's largest cities. This biodynamic farm is maintained using traditional farming practices without the use of modern pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. The Crinum leaves are handpicked, sun dried, and shipped directly to our facilities where they are sifted, steam cleaned and milled into a fine powder for encapsulation. The Vietnamese operation employs dozens of people in the small community, providing a source of income and stability where few other opportunities exist.

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If you're a man over the age of 40 concerned about prostate health, Swanson Ultra Crinum Latifolium capsules can be a great addition to your current health regimen. You'll find other Crinum supplements on the market at much higher prices than you'll pay here at Swanson, and with our introductory Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer you can get our 100% pure, additive-free Crinum latifolium capsules at the lowest price in America! The secret is out. The "King's Herb" of Vietnam is now available to all who wish to benefit from its legendary properties. And when you choose Swanson brand Crinum, you're guaranteed you're getting nothing but 100% pure Crinum, carefully cultivated in its native homeland and produced with respect to the people of Vietnam.

As always, I wish you the very best of health,

Lee signature