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ChalCurb™ Ashitaba Extract

Are You a TOFI? Get ChalCurb and Get Fit Today!

You’ve seen the headlines—losing weight leads to better health. You’ve ignored the advertisements—why do you care about weight-loss products when by all appearances you’re trim and healthy? But what if you’re a TOFI (thin outside-fat inside)? Is that really a thing? Turns out it is, and many of us—far too many of us, according to experts—fit the definition.

The somewhat silly-sounding acronym is really a serious issue related to a hidden danger that lurks in all of us to one degree or another. It’s called visceral fat, the fat that builds up deep inside our bodies, surrounding our organs, often unseen to the naked eye. Visceral fat, while less visible than subcutaneous fat (the fat under our skin that makes us appear flabby and unfit), is highly influential. It can trigger hormonal activity that can play havoc with our brains and bodies. It can crowd our organs. And it can predispose us to a variety of health risks we otherwise might avoid through healthy living.

Visceral Fat


Luckily, there’s hope. Japanese scientists have discovered that a long-time traditional herb known as Ashitaba contains special phytonutrients called chalcones, which appear to help the body destroy visceral fat in as little as two months.

What is Ashitaba?

The name literally translates as “tomorrow’s leaf” and according to publications like Modern Farmer, tomorrow has come today. Ashitaba has been a traditional herb for both food and healthcare in Japan for centuries. In many parts of Asia, you’ll find it in popular packaged foods as well as traditional apothecaries and open markets. Virtually the entire plant is used, including the yellow sap from which ChalCurb is derived.

Ashitaba Yellow Sap

Ashitaba sap contains the highest concentrations of polyphenols, most interesting of which are classified as chalcones. Chalcones demonstrate a diverse array of biological activity, making them the focus of much scientific inquiry.

What is ChalCurb?

ChalCurb is a pure, pasteurized-process concentration of the Ashitaba sap blended with a cyclodextrin carrier to ensure optimum delivery into the body. It is produced only from purpose-grown, certified organic Ashitaba cultivated in India. The blend is flash sterilized and pulverized to produce a pure powder retaining all of the nutritional compounds found in the Ashitaba sap. It is the most efficient way to harness the power of this historic plant. ChalCurb is guaranteed to contain no less than 8% bioactive chalcones.

Comprehensive Research Confirms Benefits

The proprietary ChalCurb blend has been investigated in no less than 18 studies by numerous researchers around the world. Animal and in vitro studies have established safety, composition, method of action and bioavailability; while human trials have focused on ChalCurb’s effect on visceral fat and related parameters such as waist circumference and BMI.

The first human trial included eight adult men who took 200 mg of ChalCurb or a placebo for a period of 8 weeks. Researchers measured the presence of visceral fat via cross-sectional CT scan both at the beginning of the study and after completion. The result was an average 10 percent reduction among those taking the ChalCurb supplement, with some participants reaching reductions as high as 13.3 percent in just that short 8-week period (see chart).

Percent Change in Visceral Fat

A second study designed to confirm the results of the previous study also ran for 8 weeks, this time including both men and women in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial. CT scans for total fat, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat were measured, as were waist and hip circumference, and overall weight. At the end of the trial, those taking ChalCurb had achieved up to 11 percent reductions in visceral fat, 4.2 percent reductions in subcutaneous fat and 7.7 percent reductions in total fat area.

How ChalCurb Works

Based on specialized research into the mechanisms of action, scientists believe that Ashitaba chalcones promote lipid metabolism while stimulating the production of the fat-fighting adipokines leptin and adiponectin. Via these mechanisms, ChalCurb supports satiety (feelings of fullness) while stimulating thermogenesis and modulating both glucose metabolism and fatty acid oxidation. These well-established mechanisms are the focus of many weight-management programs, and ChalCurb has proven the ability to be active and effective in these key pathways.

Go From TOFI to Fit with Swanson!

Swanson Health Products® is pleased to team up with the developers of ChalCurb to bring this novel new supplement to you at an affordable price that makes it easy for everyone to take action against visceral fat—and maybe even trim your figure while you’re at it. Try it today, and help your internal organs gain the breathing room to keep you in good shape for years to come.