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Dr. Paul Clayton

Dr. Paul Clayton

Dr. Paul Clayton graduated summa cum laude in Medical Pharmacology from Edinburgh University, Scotland, prior to obtaining his Ph.D. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government’s Committee on the Safety of Medicines. He has worked with leading doctors and clinical scientists at centers of clinical expertise in the UK and abroad, and trained the pharmacists in Britain’s largest chemist chain in preventative nutrition. Dr. Clayton has lectured at the Royal College of General Practitioners. He frequently presents at and chairs international conferences on nutrition and health. His books include Health Defence and After Atkins. Dr. Clayton is the Chief Scientific Advisor to the makers of new ActivAMP AMP-K Stimulator.

SWANSON: Dr. Clayton, thank you for speaking with us today. As I understand it, this new anti-aging ingredient targets AMPK to help control aging and promote physical fitness in even the most sedentary individuals. What is AMPK and why is it important?

DR. CLAYTON: It’s nice to speak with you, Lee. Plato, the Greek philosopher who lived in the 4th century BC, knew something about good health and how to maintain it. “Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,” he declared, “while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” A mere 24 centuries later, we have arrived at the same conclusion.

The mechanistic links between a lack of physical activity and health have finally been uncovered, and center on the master metabolic regulatory enzyme 5’ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK.

AMPK is the master metabolic enzyme that serves as a mechanistic link between physical exercise and health. It’s the switch that determines whether available energy will be used to meet immediate physical requirements or stored for future use. Physical exercise activates AMPK, which signals the body to start burning energy rather than storing it.

It’s a complex physiological process, but that’s the crux of it. So what happens when we settle into a sedentary lifestyle? What if we work at a desk all day and watch TV all night (as too many Americans do)? What if physical limitations due to age or injury prevent us from exercising regularly? Well, as you can imagine, we interrupt the AMPK system which can lead to negative health consequences.

SWANSON: Okay, so now that we know what we’re targeting, tell us about your ingredient, ActivAMP. What is it, and how does it impact this system of aging?

DR. CLAYTON: ActivAMP was derived from ethnobotanical screening in South Korea, where experts identified the herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum as a candidate for research. Traditionally made into a tonic for the frail and elderly, its popularity and its Chinese name, Jiaogulan—which translates as “little herb of immortality”—sparked the researchers’ interest.

Initial studies showed that extracts from this herb activate AMPK, and subsequent work proved that two specific saponins, damulin A and B, are the primary active components. Interestingly, these saponins were found to be more active than the synthetic compound AICAR, which also activates AMPK and is thought to have been behind the 2009 and 2010 wins at the Tour de France. That compound has since been banned.

Subsequent research demonstrated that the standardized extract ActivAMP helps stimulate the metabolic benefits of exercise, including the promotion of insulin sensitivity, healthy plasma lipid profiles and fat loss, both in pre-clinical models and an initial clinical trial. The fat loss was preferentially from the hard-to-shift visceral fat deposits—exactly the same deposits that are targeted by exercise. The clinical trial was recently published in the prestigious journal Obesity, reflecting the robust nature of the study, the fact that it was a natural active that was used, and its novel mechanism of action. Further trials will follow.

SWANSON: Wow, that really sums it up! Can you dive a little deeper into the studies and share with our readers some of the specific results?

DR. CLAYTON: Certainly. Based on the results of in vitro research in which AMPK activation was observed1, scientists moved on to an 8-week animal trial. This study showed that oral administration of ActivAMP® resulted in reduced weight gain and liver weight, with AMPK activation in the soleus muscle (a broad muscle in the calf of the leg).2

Having once again achieved positive results, the next step was to test the extract in human participants. This is where we’ve seen the most exciting results. The 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with 80 healthy overweight individuals. The active group received 450 mg of ActivAMP daily, while the control group received an identical placebo. Outcomes measured included abdominal fat distribution, anthropometric parameters and blood lipid profiles. You can see the results for yourself in the graphs.

The ActivAMP group lost considerably more weight during the trial than the placebo group, and significantly more abdominal fat.3

ActivAMP Reduction in Weight
ActivAMP Reduction in Abdominal Fat Area

SWANSON: Those are certainly encouraging results, but really just the tip of the iceberg as I see it. ActivAMP isn’t really about weight loss, but about supporting a complex physiological system that underlies just about every aspect of wellness—is that correct?

DR. CLAYTON: That’s absolutely right, Lee. Taken together, the research studies provide a strong foundation for the use of ActivAMP in support of general health in sedentary or activity-restricted individuals. ActivAMP is a tool we can use to help activate the profound energy-switching enzyme AMPK, and replicate the metabolic and health benefits of exercise.

ActivAMP gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a better sense of well-being, regardless of age or activity level. With ActivAMP, you can improve your quality of life—without stimulants or side effects. Add to that the extra bonus of potential weight loss and you’ve got a supplement that really serves as a total-body support system for health and longevity.


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