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Light Bulb

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60 Watt 1 Unit
  • The next best thing to actual sunlight

  • Full-spectrum, 60 watt bulbs are glare-free

  • Reduces eye stress and promotes a relaxing environment
Described as the closest thing to natural sunlight, the innovative Chromalux Full Spectrum Bulb represents a major step forward in indoor lighting technology. With its chromatic balance and color-discriminating qualities, Chromalux glare-free lightbulbs reduce eye stress and create a pleasing and relaxing environment that helps you concentrate longer with increased comfort and visual acuity. Long-life, averaging 4,000 hours.

Chromalux Light Bulb Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Light Bulb 5 5 7 8
Chromalux Light Bulb 60 Watt I really like this light. It is not a harsh yellow like standard bulbs or a harsh white like fluorescent bulbs. It is good light and soothing light. Also these bulbs tend to last longer than standard bulbs. I am in a better mood when in a room with this light and highly recommend them to anyone who wants quality light. February 15, 2014
Significant Purchase If you are constantly under non-full spectrum lighting, and especially florescent lightning, then it is quite probable that you will notice working and being in the full spectrum light of these neodynium light bulbs. It creates a less intense, less overbearing, less stressful environment where it cast its light. Also, I believe there might even be a cost benefit for these light bulbs last quite a bit longer than a mere incandescent light bulb. December 18, 2013
Best Lightbulbs, I'm serious I've been buying these bulbs for years, but they're increasingly hard to find. I was very thankful to find them at Swanson and can't say enough good things about these bulbs; the full-spectrum light looks great in every room. Try these, you won't be sorry! December 2, 2013
great light bulbs Just like natural day light and they last a long time. March 16, 2013
Noedymium. Neodymium. Yes, that is what is in this light-bulb. It is a cool chemical element. Look it up, if you want to. This is my absolute favorite lightbulb as to date. Why? Because the light is pleasant and does not flicker like fluorescent lightbulbs, or is harsh light like LEDs or halogen lights.The light has a warm glow to it and is relaxing to me and reminds me of the lights in my grandparents' home a long time ago. I have purchased cheaper "natural light" lightbulbs at the grocery store and tried them out, but the light looks better on the Chromalux lightbulb. Also just so you know, this lightbulb is somewhat less brighter than a standard lightbulb, so I reccommend that you use this in areas where you will be close to the light source, like a lamp on a table for reading, or a work-bench, or a desk in an office. Please also be aware that this bulb gets very hot, so don't put these bulbs near stuff that could melt or could start a fire. Something else cool about this lightbulb, if memory serves me right, the lifespan on this lightbulb is around 5,000 hours. Not bad for a filament lightbulb. Now just so you know, I have purchased several of these in the past, and I have gotten one that I noticed over time was damaged on the inside, which could have been from shipping, I do not know,it could have also been a manufacturer mistake.I do not use that lightbulb anymore, even though it still works, for fear it could start a fire. I still use this brand of lightbulbs and I only know of one that has given me trouble so far.With that said, These lightbulbs seem to me to be built out of high quality components, such as thick glass. Bottom line: If you want a lightbulb with a long lifespan that is closer to natural light than a regular lightbulb, I reccommend this. October 19, 2012
Haven't found this locally and I need the bright light it produces for visual problems. December 29, 2010
What a difference in the lighting in my house. March 30, 2010
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