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Business Analyst

Location: Fargo, ND
Department: Market Research
Days of Week: M-F
Hours: 40
Base Rate: DOE


How would you like to be part of a wise and witty team committed to helping the organization succeed by providing real answers to tough questions. If this is your career goal see the business version of the job below.

Oh yeah…one more thing…harmless practical jokers preferred

Summary: The primary responsibility of the this position is for quantitative analysis, decision making, and reporting for analytical services such as pricing and circulation. Provides analytical review and reporting for online and offline marketing campaigns. Reports on key performance indicators for overall business to executive management team. Acts as an internal consultant for other departments regarding quantitative analysis such as dashboard creation, forecasting, testing protocol, or data hygiene. 

Essential Responsibilities of duties will be delegated from the following job duties: 

Offline Marketing

  1. Maximize profitability of house file. Evaluate house file segmentation and circulation strategy. Make recommendations for improving profitability that include testing and implementation plans.
  2. Implement customer requests regarding mailing frequency and/or no-mail requests.
  3. Optimize resources to develop and implement new customer generation through the catalog program. Evaluate current and previous mailings. Understand drivers of successful prospecting campaigns. Determine the strongest predictor(s) of 12 month ROI and communicate front-end goals to outside database vendor partners. Prior to each campaign, present recommendations and rationale to the circulation team. Recommendations for changes should include testing and implementation plans. Work with MIS and outside vendors to ensure that all deadlines are met regarding the list management process.
  4. Coordinate merge/purge mailing processes with outside vendors including: service bureau, marketing databases, list brokers, list owners, and printers.
  5. Analyze success of individual catalog marketing promotions. Forecast results of current campaigns by determining % complete. Monitor, analyze, and report performance of different traditional marketing efforts.
  6. Determine profitability and results of tests. Analyze and report findings regarding performance of marketing tests. 

Online Marketing

  1. Monitor, analyze, and report performance of online marketing programs such as: paid search, display advertising, and comparison shopping. 
  2. Assist web team in maximizing the profitability the email program by recommending segmentation strategies, determining testing plans, evaluating results and recommending roll-out plans.
  3. Track and report performance of online national brand campaigns.
  4. Review online reports and competitor results. Evaluate opportunities for growth. Forecast potential of new programs. Present recommendations to ecommerce peers and executive team. 


  1. Maximize profitability (sales and margin) of house brands by evaluating market conditions and determining best EDLP (every day low price) and Sale price of house brand SKUs. Compare prices of primary competitors, national brand competitors, and secondary competitors; evaluate current cost of goods and expected increases/decreases; make recommendations of pricing changes to pricing team; test new prices when necessary, implement approved pricing changes, and analyze results.
  2. Maximize profitability (sales and margin) by evaluating market conditions and determining best EDLP (every day low price) and Sale price of national brand SKUs. Work with outside vendor partner to coordinate price checks of primary competitors; oversee automated pricing tool generated through MIS; manually evaluate prices on items with significant recommended increases/decreases, present overview and recommendations to pricing team, implement approved pricing changes and analyze results.
  3. Report on pricing changes in the marketplace at both a micro and macro level showing both what changed and the long-term impact of such changes/trends.
  4. Develop and maintain lists of comparable products with a focus on one-to-one matches comparing SHP items to national items, SHP items to competitor house brands, national items to competitor national items.
  5. Create index showing pricing of SHP vs. competitors and national brands. Analyze difference and trends. Report findings. 

Executive Reporting

  1. Generate and distribute daily sales report.
  2. Analyze and report out monthly finding on overall margin trends, margin drivers, sales and margin of house items, national brands, individual brands and individual items.
  3. Evaluate and report out findings regarding the amount of time it takes to ship orders from our different distribution centers. Alert key managers to areas of opportunity.
  4. Analyze and report out the number of new customers each week and each month. Identify trends regarding the profitability of new customers by source. Compare results to prior year,
  5. Analyze conversion. Evaluate the % of new customers who make a second purchase by source. Report findings.
  6. Analyze attrition.  Evaluate the number of customers falling out of the active customer status. Identify trends and reasons for customer attrition. Report findings.
  7. Track the timing and performance of new products. Identify heavy hitters and poor performers. Forecast long-term sales pattern for each new product. Identify trends regarding performance by category of new products. Report findings.
  8. Track and report new products for key competitors.
  9. Analyze results and create vendor report cards for marketing and purchasing to share with national brand product vendors. 

Data Consultant

  1. Act as liaison between MIS and business users on custom reports. Work with business users to ensure that requests are thorough, timely, relevant and actionable. Work with MIS to ensure that report is timely and accurate. 
  2. Provide data hygiene support when muddy data is discovered.  Work with call center and internal departments when discrepancies in data input are identified.
  3. Provide forecasting support regarding product sales, campaigns, and outside media on an as needed basis.
  4. Create trigger lists for (offline and online) marketing to send select campaigns to different customer segments.
  5. Review customer coupon holds for data issues and/or potential fraud.
  6. Maintain accurate data files regarding promotions, product introductions, and sales items.
  7. Create custom dashboards that highlight key performance indicators for other departments as requested.
  8. Ad Hoc analysis as assigned by the Business Analytics Manager. 

Business Professional

33.  Maintain a positive and professional working relationship with peers, management, and support resources, with a constant commitment to teamwork and exemplary customer service.

  1. Conducts self in the presence of customers and community so as to present a professional image of SHP. 

Marginal Duties:

  1. Plan one department team-building event per year.
  2. Communicate relevant department updates via company intranet site.
  3. Other duties may be assigned to meet business needs. 

Competencies Required

  • A naturally quantitative, analytical person who enjoys researching, finding, extracting, and synthesizing complex data
  • Effective in independently managing their workload, meeting deadlines, balancing priorities, and working seamlessly with the team
  • Capability to identify the strategic implications of data, analysis and facts
  • Strong mathematical skills with the ability to summarize data, draw conclusions, and develop actionable recommendations.
  • Ability to understand technical system documentation and interact with IT system resources
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills with the ability to interface with all levels of management. 

Supervisory responsibilities: This position has no supervisory responsibilities 

Education and experience required:  Bachelors degree in statistics, business, finance, math, or other quantitative discipline or 2-5 years of circulation and/or quantitative analysis. Or; an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential responsibilities and duties of the job as listed above.