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What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

Question: What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

Unlike other "diet plans" such as the Atkins Diet or the Mediterranean Diet, a macrobiotic diet isn’t simply about the foods you eat. Macrobiotics combines nutrition with Zen-like spirituality focused on balance—the yin and yang of Eastern philosophy. A macrobiotic diet suits people who desire a more conscious eating plan that incorporates natural, mostly plant-based organic foods.

The word macrobiotic comes from the Greek word that means "long life" or "great life," which sums up the purpose of this balanced approach to healthy eating. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used the word to describe people who were healthy and lived long. The Greek version of the Old Testament also contains the word macrobiotic, and many different civilizations have used macrobiotic principles throughout the ages.

In general, macrobiotics emphasizes whole cereals, grains, legumes, vegetables, seaweed, fermented foods and fruits combined into meals according to the principle of balance (yin and yang). While a macrobiotic diet can be difficult to maintain due to the use of specialty organic foods that can be hard to find throughout the year, a new Swanson Ultra formulation delivers an easy-to-take macrobiotic supplement developed by the leader of the macrobiotic movement in the United States, Michio Kushi. Read more about this new fermented superfood supplement and how its preB® ingredient packs in nutrition from 55 fermented whole foods to help anybody enjoy a macrobiotic lifestyle.

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