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Supplements for Brain Health: What's Best for the Elderly?

There are so many different supplements that benefit brain health, such as bacopa monnieri, phosphatidyl serine, vinpocetine, acetyl l-carnatine, etc. Which, if any, is best for the elderly?

Thank you!

When you’re talking about brain health, there are many things to take into consideration...

  • Circulation
  • Membrane integrity
  • Level of neurotransmitter health
  • Antioxidant status

 We have no way of knowing what each individual’s particular concerns would be, so it would be ideal to speak with your primary health care provider about specific supplements you may be interested in trying...supplements that would specifically target one of the above considerations over the other depending on your individual needs. 

The “shotgun approach” would be to try something like our Intelligence Enhancer supplement, which would have components directed towards most all areas of brain health.  Otherwise, most popular supplement by far is phosphatidylserine, which has gotten good reviews for general brain and memory support from our customers. 

Another common choice is acetyl l-carnitine, which supports neurotransmitter functioning in the brain similar to phosphatidylserine.  If you would also like to help improve circulation throughout the brain, then adding vinpocetine might be a good option as well.




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