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What Is Michio Kushi’s Fermented Superfood Complex?

Question: Could you please tell me what category Michio Kushi’s Fermented Superfood Complex is in? It is touted as a whole food product but does it have vitamin or mineral nutritional values, and if so how does it compare to a whole food vitamin product? If it does compare to a whole food vitamin why are the vitamin and mineral values not listed?

Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex is actually not a whole food supplement. Rather, it is a combination of nutrient-dense superfoods that are fermented to unlock the nutrients in the plants. It is not intended to replace a multivitamin, nor will it come close because it’s doesn’t have a large enough assortment of vitamins or minerals and they are not concentrated in large enough quantities (that's why they are not listed on the label).

This unique superfood supplement features preB, a name that implies prebiotic—a food source to promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestine.  In the fermentation process, the microorganisms used produce organic acids and other compounds which enhance the environment of the intestine.  It’s not intended as a vitamin replacement.  Again, even though there’s lots of good stuff in it, the concentration is not sufficient to provide a substantial amount of nutrients.

For example, it has a little bit of orange in the formula, but the quantity of the Vitamin C from that orange would likely be less than 1 mg, as it’s not a concentration of any of the superfoods in the complex. The complex as a whole is very beneficial for energy and overall good health.





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