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Huperzine A Value?

Huperzine AQuestion: I recently changed from Huperzine "A" to Maximum Strength Huperzine "A". I had just began taking 4 of the 50 mcg per day. By switching to just one of the Maximum Strength 200 mcg, I believed that I had reduced my monthly cost for this herbal supplement. But... when I saw that the 50 mcg and 200 mcg capsule are exactly the same size, it forced me to question that theory. I opened the two different capsules and compared the contents of four 50 mcg capsules against one 200 mcg in a teaspoon, it looks to me to be pretty close to the same visual content in each capsule. Please give me a satisfactory explanation before I go any further with my suspicions. Are you using fillers on one and not the other? Are you using a more potent strength with less content?


The answer is really quite straight-forward. It’s because there are other excipients used in the pills that make up some of that space. In reality, even the 200 mcg is such a small amount that it looks like a tiny speck, and the pill would look virtually empty if it was only the Huperzine A in the capsule. However, to be clear, the other ingredients aren’t just there to fill up the pill... they help to ensure that the proper amount of the Huperzine A gets into every pill, since they are mixed in large batches. It’s a very common concern with most supplements that are measured in mcgs.



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