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How Does Celadrin Help the Joints?

Question: I read about a product called Celadrin that’s supposed to help maintain movement and flexibility of the joints. It sounds fantastic, but is it too good to be true?

I understand your hesitancy because the market is flooded with “miracle” products that practically guarantee you can live forever by swallowing a pill! One thing to consider is that supplements work differently for each individual depending on personal health circustances. Celadrin is a rather unique supplement and its mode of action is different than anything presently on the market because it works on the cellular level.

To understand how Celadrin can help you, keep in mind that all our body parts are comprised of millions of cells that form, for example, a knee joint. The cell membrane is the outer part of the cell that protects it from the outside world, and structural lipids (fatty substances) are major components of the membrane. These lipids regulate the nutrients, minerals, electrolytes, and other compounds across the cell membrane into the cell to keep it alive and healthy. However, countless body stressors impair and target the cell membrane's lipids, creating damage to the peak functioning and health of the membrane and cell, and eventually causing the cell's death. Simply stated, consuming Celadrin softgels or applying deep-penetrating Topical Rub enables the cell membrane to protect the cell and repel harmful stressors. The result is a more efficient and fluid cell membrane, which in turn supports the health of your muscles and joints. Since Celadrin works on the cellular level, it actually has other health applications unrelated to your knee joints, too.

I really recommend that you read more about Celadrin in detail at the manufacturer’s website The FAQ section is very helpful and so is “Celadrin and the Cell membrane” under “About Celadrin” as well as “Studies,” all accessed from the left sidebar.

Try Celadrin for yourself in our Swanson Ultra Celadrin Softgels and Swanson Ultra Celadrin Topical Rub.

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