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High Carb Fillers Like Rice Flour

Question: Why do so many of Swanson's supplements contain rice flour as fillers? Many people are sensitive to refined carbohydrates, and if we take many supplements containing rice flour, it adds up in a negative way. We would much prefer smaller capsules with less or no fillers rather than consuming substances we avoid in our diet.


There are several reasons that Rice Flour is used. Rice Flour isn’t just used to fill up the pill, but it provides very specific purposes including the fact that it is very absorbent (so oily or more wet ingredients won’t leak out of the pill) and that it helps to ensure that every pill has the proper amount of the active nutrients in it. In addition to that, Rice Flour is commonly used because rice is not a common allergen and the quantity that’s in each pill is so small that it would take over 100 pills with Rice Flour as a "filler" to even equate to 1 oz of rice… it’s really not as much as some sources seem to suggest.



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