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Isn't DHA More Important Than EPA?

Question: Isn't DHA more important than EPA? Body needs both but I'm seeing that just DHA would be more beneficial. Is that right? Also this calamarine... is this better than fish oil?

Liquid Squid Oil
DHA and EPA are both important as they are both Essential Fatty Acids. But DHA is commonly more desired because it helps support brain health and memory (which I’m sure we can all use), whereas the EPA helps promote cardiovascular health, skin health and offers other benefits that other EFAs give. Because of that, some people find DHA “more important” because there are no other EFA alternatives to get the brain health benefits that it gives.

Along those lines, the Calamarine (Squid Oil) has more DHA per quantity compared to Fish Oil, but they both have EPA and DHA. We do carry a few different Squid Oil products from Carlson and Lane Labs in various dosage sizes and types (liquids or softgels).



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