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Natural Bath & Body Products Review: Natural Soap, Shampoo and Body Wash Prove Their Worth During a Dry Winter

One of the many fun and exciting benefits of working at Swanson Health Products is our ability to try some of the newest products on the market. Not only does this include our cutting-edge Swanson brand items but also products from our national brand partners. Because I'm always on the lookout for new health products on our website, I jumped at the chance to try skin and hair health products from Tom's of MaineKirk's Natural and Aubrey Organics.

Tom's of Maine Natural Beauty BarIt's still winter up here in the northern Great Plains and my skin is beyond parched. To further fight my battle with dry skin, I checked out Tom's of Maine's Natural Daily Moisture Beauty Bar. I had some doubts about this product because of my past experience with various bar soaps. They seemed to make my skin even drier.  But with awesome ingredients including olive oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil, this bar soap is totally unlike the others I've tried on my face. It lathers up nicely without SLS or parabens and has helped replenish my skin. Sounds good, but what does it smell like? Smells like freshly picked olives from the Mediterranean--just like the picture on the box.  Another plus: Tom's of Maine does not test on animals. This is something I look for on all skin and hair health products before I buy them. I also watch for the source of specific ingredients. Check out Tom's of Maine's list of skin care ingredients.Kirk's Coco Castile Body Wash

Kirk's Natural, another U.S. company that does not believe in animal testing, has taken their old school castile soap formulation into the 21st Century with their new body wash and  shower gel formulas.  I tried their  Original Coco Castile Grapefruit Ginger Body Wash and I really like its light tropical scent. Some body wash and shower gel formulas have an overpowering fragrance, but this one is really mild. Kirk's packaging states their products "leave no drying residue," and I noticed a difference after I used this body wash. My skin seemed much softer. This coconut-derived soap is called "castile" soap, which means it is made without any animal fat. Who wants animal fat in body wash anyway?

Chamomile ShampooLastly, I tried Aubrey Organics' Chamomile Luxurious Shampoo. We have carried other hair, skin and nail health products from Aubrey Organics for a while, but we added this item a few months ago. (Check out this customer review for natural shampoo.) I have to say this: you must like chamomile to appreciate this product. I do, so I enjoyed the smell. This volumizing formula is also free of parabens and SLS. Aubrey Organics provides authentic natural alternatives to many of the mass-produced shampoos available. Like Kirk's Natural and Tom's of Maine, they do not test on animals.

As winter hums along I'll keep using these new products to deal with the dry air and its effects on my skin and hair. Do you have issues with dry skin or hair? Which products have helped you win the battle?


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