Cathleen W., swanson vitamins apprenticeMy name is Cathleen W., and I'm the web content supervisor at My team is responsible for all of the words on the website, including our health supplement guides. Although I've been with the company for over 5 years, I am hardly an expert at all things natural health. But I keep an open mind about alternative health and integrative medicine, and I'm always willing to learn about the benefits of health and nutrition products. 

I've been trying to become more aware about my impact on the environment as a consumer, so I'm especially interested in eco-friendly, green living. I'm almost a member of the sandwich generation, so I try and stay in tune with the latest health tips and news for my parents and grandparents as well as for my teenager. If anyone has any tips on how to get kids or young adults excited about natural health and nutrition products, please share them with me!

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