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Men's Health Week Giveaway! [CLOSED]

National Men’s Health Week is next week, so we were delighted when our friends from Nature’s Way and Enzymatic Therapy got in touch with us and offered to help get the word out with this Men’s Health Giveaway!

Men’s Health Week is all about taking care of yourself now. Man or woman, if you can take care of yourself now and set yourself up for a healthy future, that’s the best case scenario (not just for you, but for your family, too). Sometimes, men just need a little extra nudge of motivation!

This week’s giveaway features four natural health products formulated specifically for men and their health needs. One lucky winner will win all four to try out himself (or to give to her husband, father, brother, friend...etc.). Let’s take a closer look at each of the four products...

ProstActive Saw Palmetto

The most well-known and trusted natural prostate support nutrient is, without a doubt, saw palmetto. You’ve seen the ads, heard the hyped-up radio commercials and maybe even seen a commercial or two.

But don’t go with a brand name you’ve never heard before. Nature’s Way has been delivering top-shelf natural supplements made from Mother Nature’s best herbal ingredients for more than 40 years!

ProstActive is no exception. This formula features a unique saw palmetto extract for prostate and urinary health to help maintain normal urine flow without interfering with sexual function. Talk about more bang for your buck!


Prostate Advantage

Enzymatic Therapy is another name you should get to know. Why? Because their products come from the same Nature’s Way family!

Prostate Advantage from Enzymatic Therapy was formulated to support healthy prostate function using a combination of saw palmetto extract (standardized to 85%-95% fatty acid and sterol concentration), pumpkin seed oil and pygeum bark extract.



Alive! Once Daily Men's 50+ Ultra Potency

With all the highly targeted men’s health formulas focused on prostate health, urinary tract health and sexual function, it can be easy to overlook the basics... something a high-quality multivitamin can help cover when needed.

Every supplement regimen should start with a multivitamin and mineral. Alive! Once Daily Men’s 50+ Ultra Potency is the most complete multi formula (and whole-food energizer) for men over 50. This ultra potent supplement also helps promote energy, immunity, and the health of bones, colon, eyes and heart.


Alive! Once Daily Men's Ultra Potency

For men under 50, the regular Alive! Once Daily Men's Ultra Potency fits the bill! Similar to the product above, this whole-food based formula helps promote energy, immunity, and the health of bones, colon, eyes and heart.

Both versions are free of salt, sugar, yeast, wheat grain, dairy products, artificial flavoring, colors or preservatives.





Get your name into the (random) drawing by answering one of the following questions...

MEN: What are you doing right now to keep your body healthy and well? Any favorite health tips?

WOMEN: Do you actively promote health and wellness to the men in your life? What do you do to keep them focused on taking care of themselves?

Post your answer in the comments section below. We’ll draw one winner on Friday using Good Luck!


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