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Coconut Water Benefits for Runners

Coconut Water Concentrate

Coconut Water has been long treasured by natives who would drink it as commonly as an American would eat an apple off the tree. Thankfully, modern science has found even more benefits than just an occasional treat and the benefits have many different implications, especially for athletes.

Coconut Water has been found to have not only the benefits of hydrating the body, but that it also contains electrolytes like Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium among other nutrients.

As any runners out there know, hydration is essential when you’re running long distances, but many of them also know that the electrolytes have been shown to be almost as vital when you’re sweating for long periods of time since the sweat also rids your body of those essential electrolytes. That’s where Coconut Water gives even more benefit… it hydrates, it provides the vital electrolytes, and it tastes great!



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