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What is Oregon Grape Root?

Something out of the ordinary for this foodie, but I thought I would like to chime in on a product that I have been researching for my own natural health:  Oregon Grape Root.

This product is also known as mahonia auguifolium (Barberry Family) and is used to fight bacterial infections, purify blood and liver and is very healing to the skin and mucous membranes.

Oregon grape is known to treat eczema, which is a condition that runs in my family. This condition is due to a hypersensitivity reaction in the skin and can lead to long-term inflammation. The inflammation then causes the skin to become itchy and sometimes scaly. That long-term irritation and scratching can then cause the skin to thicken and have a leather-like feel and texture. All in all, not a fun condition.

Some skin health tips that I have tried and seem to work are:
  • Applying lotion to your feet and then wearing socks to bed.
  • Always keep moisturizer with you or around you.
  • Be prepared for the next season and plan ahead for your skin!
You can also find numerous other health tips for hair, skin and nail health in our Swanson Health Products health library.

Knowing more about this product and after having done my research, I am eager to order and give this herbal natural supplement a try!

Source:Herbal Remedies Info


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