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New Green Cleaning Products Make Great "Gift Basket"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 by Ashley G

Did you know that Swanson Health Products carries dozens of natural health cleaning supplies? Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Method, J.R. Watkins, Earth Friendly Products, and Dropps are only a few of the many brands that we now carry to help ensure that your home is the greenest and cleanest on the block!

My parents recently purchased a new home after living in their current home for almost 15 years. They are closing their new home within the next few days, and knowing my Mom she'll have her back seat stocked with every cleaning product possible when she is running back and forth between houses. Some would say my Mom is a "clean freak," but really she just finds cleaning relaxing. I, on the other hand, did not inherit that form of relaxation from her, ha.

We are lucky enough as SHP employees to be able to order products that we carry online. These are the products I ordered to whip my Mom up a "New Home Care Package" so that she can start fresh, and green, in her new home that will take her and my Dad into retirement.


  • Dropps Laundry Detergent: These laundry detergent pacs are great for traveling and also for having children "help" with laundry. My husband is in the military and these have come in very handy when he is off to training.
  • Method Smarty Dish Detergent Tabs: Again, super handy and easy to use. My parents rarely use their dishwasher but I have a feeling she might throw everything in her dishwasher as she unpacks and then can put them in her new cupboards squeaky clean.

    Swanson Health Products Cleaning Supplies

  • Method Tub-N-Tile Flushable Wipes: What I love about these wipes is that they are flushable, which means less trash for her to keep up with while moving between houses.
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Countertop Spray: Everyone needs a countertop spray for quick on the go messes for your bathroom, laundry rooms and kitchens. I probably should have gotten her two of these, I love the scent!
  • J.R. Watkins Tub & Tile Cleaner: Who doesn't love a bright and clean bathroom? I'm sure that my Mom will be scrubbing her new bathrooms (and old) at least a few times. Maybe I should have grabbed her two of these as well?
  • Earth Friendly Products Floor Cleaner: My parents new home has wood floors, as opposed to their past linoleum and carpet. I'm hoping this cleaner does the trick for them.
  • And lastly, I purchased a four pack of white bar towels at Target (ok, this is the Swanson Health Blog, but seriously, who doesn't love Target?) for $3.99 and sewed a ruffle on them quick to give their new kitchen and bath a hand towel for their moving-in weekend.


Cloth Diapers and Diaper Care for Babies

Saturday, January 28, 2012 by Ashley G
Cloth DiapersCloth diapers have always been something I was adamant about trying when I have children. Our little lady just turned 3 months old this week and I've decided to give them a try. We were lucky enough to be able borrow 8 diapers (with plenty of inserts, disposable and cloth) from a friend before we make the investment and dive into cloth diapering full time.

Also, our daycare provider has spoken very highly about her using them for her children and then her children using them for their children which made me really want to get started! As of right now, we still have her wear disposables at daycare and putting her into her cloth diapers as soon as we get home in the evening until the next morning.

There are many factors why I love using them so far. They are chlorine-free and breathable. We are recycling and not contributing to the increase of diapers adding to our full landfills. The patterns are adorable, and the cloth is extremely soft and gentle on her newborn skin. But in all honesty they are a lot of work and a stinky mess, haha. That doesn't mean I'm quitting on day 3!

Weledab Baby Calendula Diaper CareBeing that I am new at this, I have been referring to many cloth diapering websites and other mothers who have used them. I would like to get down a system for taking care of the wet ones and dirty ones and conserving washing machine use. The easy thing would be to just throw it into the washing machine immediately, but we all know that isn't the wisest and most economical route.

One of the many great products we received since our baby was born was the Weleda Baby Calendula Diaper Care Cream. Since we are using so many different kinds of diapers and she has started attending daycare regularly, we started using this on her a couple times a day to keep her skin happy.

This is one of the few websites I have found to be very insightful: Diaper Jungle. We have a few different laundry soaps to try, approaches to fastening as well getting our routine down, so there will be more news to come!

Have any of you tried or used cloth diapers? How would you compare the cloth diapers of today to the cloth diapers of yesterday?

Mommy's Bliss for Baby Bliss Gripe Water

Friday, January 13, 2012 by Ashley G
Being a new Mother I have been overwhelmed with all of the wonderful, extremely helpful and educated advice from all of the mothers in my life. My husband and I had been informed a few times prior to our little one's birth of the great benefits of using gripe water to ease mild and occasional gas and stomach discomfort and I am so thankful we had purchased and stocked the all-natural herbal supplement Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water in our bathroom cabinet for her arrival.
Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water
We recently experienced the traumatic event of our two-month-old receiving her first set of shots and the after effects to her little system. She was extraordinarily upset immediately after she received them, (my husband claims that I cried harder than she did, which I won't deny), but recovered quickly for a happy ride home. The following 10-15 hours she slept on and off, which did not surprise us as our physician warned us that her next 24 hours she would be very sleepy as a side effect. It was the following day that the rest of the side effects started to occur.

She became very gassy and we could tell her her little tummy was just full of bubbles. We gave her only half of a dose of the gripe water very slowly being that this was her first taste of something other than milk and she did well. Her facial expressions were quite entertaining. Within the next hour or so she started to calm down and relieve some of her tummy discomfort. I will happily use this again, if needed of course :)

We are looking forward to trying more of the long line of children's health products here at SHP, especially the teething products with that milestone coming to us in the coming months.

Ashley's Employee Order Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Thursday, August 18, 2011 by Ashley G
Ever wanted to know what vitamins, supplements and healthy foods the employees at Swanson Health Products use? Here’s your chance to peek inside an employee order and find out (and win it all)!

Hey there Swanson Readers! I have to confess, I had to stop myself from ordering every week and now limit myself to just once a month. It is just too easy to order something new and give it a try when there are so many new and interesting products to choose from. Over the past two years I have purchased all of the Swanson Organic Spices as well as numerous baking and cooking essentials.
Here are just a few of the items that make it on our order just about every time:
Swanson Certified Organic Green Tea

Swanson Organic Green Tea

My husband is a middle school teacher and needs plenty of energy as well as good health. He has become an avid tea drinker, drinking at least three cups a day during school and generally a couple more cups in the evening at home. I order three boxes every month of our Swanson Organic Certified Organic Green Tea!

Alba Botanica TerraTint Bloom Lipbalm SPF 8

Living in the tundra, I feel that I am always in search of the perfect chapstick. I have finally found one that I really enjoy and that I can use year around.

Eden Foods Organic Kamut & Quinoa Twisted Pair
Eden Foods Organic Spinach Spirals

Both of these noodles are always stocked in our pantry. My husband even enjoys eating them straight from the box!

Pet Naturals Hip + Joint for Medium & Large Dogs

Pet Naturals Hip + Joint for Medium and Large Dogs

I cannot tell you how much we love these treats for our German Shorthair. She recently turned one, and with three hip surgeries this past year we want to keep her joints as healthy as we can.

Nature’s Way Prenatal Multi

Nature's Way Prenatal Multi

I have been taking these prenatal vitamins for over a year and have been very happy with them. They are gentle on your stomach and easy to swallow. It’s just reassuring knowing that now, by taking two of these a day, they are giving my baby the nutrients he/she needs!

Swanson Organic Trail Mix

And lastly, one of my all time favorites. We keep a bag in the car, at the lake, and my husband and I both keep some at our desks at work. It’s a great and easy snack!


I love giving healthy gifts to my family and friends whenever an occasion arises. To get a shot at winning my employee order (with all the products I listed above), leave a comment here on this blog post telling me which products from you would give away as gifts. I'll randomly select a winner and notify him/her next week. Good luck! (Full giveaway rules here.)