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Sugar Swap: How to Replace Sugar with Healthier Sugar Alternatives [VIDEO]

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by Kaitlin W

Dr. Lustig’s informative video proclaims sugar ought to be viewed “like cigarettes and alcohol, as something that’s killing us.” Copious in-depth articles showcase the many sources of evidence against sugar. And widely popular diets are kicking out refined sugars left and right!

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard the news: there is a staggering amount of research out there that confirms a seemingly simple fact: refined sugar is bad. It's bad for your mind, bad for your weight, bad...

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Tomato Couscous with Lemon Roasted Asparagus and Sautéed Sole

Thursday, January 30, 2014 by Chef Lauren

This well-balanced meal features a variety of healthy and organic food items from and takes only about 30 minutes from start to finish!

Couscous is a traditional North African grain dish and is one of my favorite starches to make. It is made from semolina wheat granules and only takes 5 minutes to cook. The best part is that there are endless ways to flavor it!

This recipe channels the flavors of Provence with tomatoes, garlic, onions and lemon.  These ingredients provide...

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Nutty, Vegetarian Recipes Featuring Cashews, Almonds, Pecans & Pistachios

Thursday, December 26, 2013 by Chef Lauren

This week I’m going nuts for nuts. Nuts are a versatile ingredient in the kitchen and offer loads of nutrients that benefit your body. Studies indicate that nuts are particularly good for your heart and might even extend your life. A few ounces of nuts per day can have major long-term health benefits.

Nuts are rich in heart-healthy fats known as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are also an excellent source of protein, which is great, because this week’s recipes are all...

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Sweet Perks of Cinnamon Spice (The "Sweet Spice")

Thursday, December 19, 2013 by Jenessa McAllister

Cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodle cookies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Those are the first things I thought of when I began researching this cinnamon-focused blog post. I thought to myself, “What a delicious assignment!” Little did I know, cinnamon is one of the most widely used and highly beneficial spices out there. It can be sprinkled, simmered, baked with or taken as a supplement. It’s full of nutrients and has long been known as a blood sugar regulator, not to mention countless other health...

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50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Better Your Life

Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Anthony N.

Uses for Coconut Oil

coconut oil usesScientific research on coconut oil has revealed health benefits that affect your entire body, inside and out. You've heard good things about it and now you have a tub of it sitting in your pantry. So how do you use coconut oil?

We asked our Facebook fans and coworkers how they use coconut oil. Here are some of the numerous ways coconut oil is used. If you'd like to participate in conversations about coconut oil or other natural health topics, I definitely recommend you...

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A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: 3 of My Favorite Recipes

Thursday, November 21, 2013 by Courtney K

I love the holidays – the family gatherings, the decorating, the food, the shopping. All of it. I also love my mother. But she, bless her heart, has not figured out how to cook for a vegetarian. While everyone else dives into the turkey or ham, I’ll be staring at a plate of mushroom-stuffed ravioli from the freezer section at the grocery store.

In all fairness, I inherited my lack of love for cooking from my mom. This is where my husband comes in. He and I bring a dish or two that are both...

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Chef Lauren Creates a Gourmet Pumpkin-Inspired Meal for a Fabulous Fall Feast!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 by Chef Lauren

‘Tis the season for pumpkin everything—lattes, beers, cupcakes, spice. You name it, it’s been pumpkin-ed this month. Beyond tasting delicious, pumpkin has plenty of health benefits. Lucky you, right?

Pumpkins are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, most notably vitamin A. Vitamin A not only promotes healthy vision, but along with antioxidant vitamin E, it aids in immune health, which is oh-so-important as the weather turns chilly.

For your cooking and eating enjoyment I have developed...

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2 Deliciously Clever, Out-Of-The-Box Ways to Use Your Favorite Protein Powder (And One Complete FAIL!!!)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 by Kaitlin W

Protein powder usually comes in GIANT containers, which is all fine and dandy for a lot of people. But for me, I sometimes get sick of smoothies, and that was the extent of my creative uses for protein powder. I'm just not tough enough to simply mix it with water and gulp, so I prefer smoothies to blend fruit, juice and powder together into something frothy and delicious.

However, I also like to eat a lot... not just drink my meals. So I began the valiant quest of searching for other means to...

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3 Fan-Inspired DIY Recipes Featuring Coconut Oil, Honey, Organic Greens, Nuts & Seeds!

Monday, August 12, 2013 by Kaitlin W

I run our Instagram account and there is a hugely encouraging and supportive health and fitness community there that I truly admire! I love following these men and women who inspire me to run that extra mile, do that extra rep, eat clean meals and make health-conscious decisions on a daily basis... not just when it's convenient or when I'm in the mood.

They remind me every day that it's a lifestyle, not some wavering diet or gym membership. It's my health! And my goodness, it matters!

So, as the...

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4 Healthy Recipe Ideas for the 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 by Kaitlin W

I live 9 hours from my mother and that is the closest I have lived to her since I was 19. Obviously, mother-daughter time is everything to me. So when we decided she would come up over the 4th of July, I begged her to teach me how to make the salsa my sisters and our friends had growing up and raved about for years.

As a master gardener, my mother firmly believes in the power of Mother Nature's seasonal, ripe and delicious bounty, and gosh, her taste never ceases to amaze me. So, up to Fargo she...

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