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Here's A Convenient Way to Fight Fat AND Fatigue!

Too Fatigued!

It's a common complaint: fatigue! Our motorized, mechanized American lifestyle seems efficient at getting us around but often fails to energize us. What a paradox! An interesting article in the July 22, 2013, issue of First for Women magazine was entitled "The Alkaline Water Cure for Tiredness." It cited a recent study that indicates that as many as 90% of women are clinically dehydrated, regardless of how much water they drink. The culprit—our water supply—is allegedly too acidic to be absorbed by our cells. Dehydration manifests itself in such common ways as low energy, poor sleep, mental fogginess, achiness, depression and weight problems, just to mention a few of the maladies that assail our population. And we can assume that if this is true for 90% of women, it must also affect men and children as well.

The article cites two excellent authors for its research: Robert O. Young, Ph.D. (The pH Miracle), and Howard Murad, M.D. (The Water Secret). In addition, the article offers a two-pronged quick and easy way to get, and stay, properly hydrated: First, consume plenty of fluid-rich fruits and veggies, of course. Second, and most convenient, pH Alkaline Drops added to water and other beverages are strongly recommended for re-hydrating the body and restoring its vitality.


Too Fat!

Now to the other oft-heard complaint: too fat! Certainly the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., must have an entire wing devoted to diet books! However, yet another new book appeared on the market this summer addressing the obesity epidemic: 60 Seconds to Slim: Balance Your Body Chemistry to Burn Fat Fast! by Michelle Schoffro Cook, Ph.D. Dr. Cook sounds the obesity alarm with the prediction that 75% of the nation will be overweight by 2015, and that 41% of that number will be obese! And she definitely pins the blame on both our high acidic lifestyle and food supply. Balancing body chemistry against the onslaught of acidic foods and beverages is key to slimming down. As she states, "Our bodies have found a way to buffer the acid by making us fat." The body, in its wisdom, as it were, packs the acid away in places like bellies, hips and buttocks—not to mention thighs, arms, backs and chins!

Nonetheless, this can be countered with both changing the diet, which Dr. Cook outlines both thoroughly and extensively, as well as a couple of other alkalizing tactics: pH testing tape for both urine and saliva, as well as adding the very convenient alkalizing pH drops to food and beverages. Another author, Christopher Vasey, N.D., in his book The Acid–Alkaline Diet, strongly suggests the use of the pH testing tape as a simple means for monitoring body chemistry.


Early Origins of Acid/Alkaline Diet

This health concept has been around for a long time. Back in the late 1930s and early 1940s, the psychic healer and natural nutritionist Edgar Cayce proposed that we try to eat a diet that was comprised of approximately 80% alkaline foods to 20% acid-forming foods, warning us against eating "too many starches and sugars." Yes, way back then it was being recognized that high glycemic carbs could be a real problem! There have been many other books addressing this concept since then, and, could it be that it's back in the popular consciousness because we need it more than ever as the nation grows fatter and more exhausted?

Luckily, we currently have some convenient and simple products at our disposal like pH tape and pH drops. And here's another simple way to alkalize: deep breathing. Yes, our breath can actually alkalize us through brisk walking, singing and laughing out loud!


What's your take on the whole "pH balance" and acid/alkaline phenomenon? Do you actively monitor yourself and your diet? What have you found to work the best for controling fat and fatigue?


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