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Top 6 Vitamins and Supplements Amongst Pirates

Pirates have spent countless years on the high seas, wandering the globe in search of wealth and treasure. You may not know it, but in between pillaging and plundering, pirates actually spend quite a bit of time researching information on health supplements and looking for good health products. If you take the time to look at a pirate's health supplement guide, you will see a well-rounded list of beneficial dietary supplements and some of the health benefits they provide. The Top 6 supplements as agreed upon by most pirates are as follows:
  1. Sea Buckthorn- Despite often looking old and ragged, pirates are very vain about their appearance and appreciate this supplement's ability to promote healthy aging.
  2. Vitamin C- Scurvy was a major problem for pirates before they discovered the importance of vitamin c.
  3. Shark Cartilage- Sharks can be a problem when on the seas, but this supplement is great for joint support maintenance after swabbing the deck all day.
  4. Arginine- It's unknown whether pirates enjoy this supplement's ability to enhance nitric oxide or if they simply really like to say arginine.
  5. Sea Cucumber- Loading canons and carrying loot can lead to some seriously overworked joints, making this supplement a must have for every pirate.
  6. Digest Gold- The name says it all. Gold is the ultimate goal for every pirate and they will search near and far to find 120 caps of this digestive enzyme supplement.
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