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Raw Diet Challenge! One Week on a Raw Food Diet

After spending the last few years working in the natural health business, I've read plenty of websites and blogs proclaim the health benefits of a raw food diet. I decided I wanted to challenge myself and went on a raw diet for one full week. I just finished the raw week and am going to tell you about how it went.

raw food diet one week challengeWhy I went Raw for One Week
          • Help my body with cleansing and detoxification
          • Become leaner
          • Learn to incorporate more raw foods into my diet
          • To see how it affected my energy levels
          • Become better cook by using ingredients in new ways
          • Get some use out of my blender and food processor
          • I enjoy a good challenge

Not reasons I went Raw
          • To lose a significant amount of weight
          • I think it's the healthiest diet out there and want to permanently stay on it

My Challenges on a Raw Food Diet
          • I've never been on a restrictive diet
          • I really enjoy eating meat, bread, pasta
          • Not drinking coffee, beer or other delicious beverages
          • Watching my children and coworkers eat what I consider 'regular food'
          • Lack of convenient snacks
          • Not a lot of fresh, local, in-season produce available in North Dakota in February
          • No warm food when the weather is around zero degrees

As I mentioned at the top, I am now done with my Raw week and will tell you about it in upcoming blog posts. If you've done a Raw diet for an extended period of time, please leave a comment sharing your tips for going raw!


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