Hi, I'm Anthony.

I started working for Swanson Health Products as a 24-year-old in the summer of 2007. Growing up, I didn't pay attention to my health other than taking a few sporadic vitamins and occasionally glancing at some food labels. When I applied for a job with Swanson, the only thing I knew about the company was that you could buy vitamins and supplements from them.

After working at Swanson for a few years, I've come to realize how important my health is and how much control I have in maintaining my health. I have made many changes to my daily routines, focusing on improving my diet, incorporating some dietary supplements and moving towards natural products in my home. Here are some my favorite Swanson products:

I've learned a lot about natural health over the last few years and I will continue to learn a lot more in the years ahead. On this blog, I hope to share what I learn with you and hope you will comment on some posts and help me learn even more...or find me on Twitter @SwansonVitamins!

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