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Sneak Peak: Swanson Introduces First Ever Macrobiotic Supplement

Back in the 1960s an unassuming man from Japan took up residence on the East coast of the United States and quietly started a revolution. His name, Michio Kushi, became synonymous with the era’s movement toward natural foods, holistic wellness and peaceful philosophy—all of which came together in what is known as Kushi Macrobiotics.

John Lennon was an admirer. So was Dr. Benjamin Spock. Hundreds of people made a pilgrimage to the Kushi home to learn from him. Mr. Kushi taught his simple, balanced whole food diet and holistic lifestyle approach as a way to promote world peace through the power of individual transformation and mind-body wellness.

Though Macrobiotics is more than a dietary regimen, it is with this aspect of the lifestyle that the term is most commonly associated. The Macrobiotic diet emphasizes local whole foods (often raw or fermented), nutritional balance and conscious preparation. It eschews red meat and poultry in favor of fish and seafood, and prescribes natural alternatives in place of refined salt, sugar and other common elements of the Western diet.

Dietary supplements had no place in the Macrobiotic universe. Until now.

Swanson Health Products is proud to be among the first U.S. companies to introduce Michio Kushi’s Fermented Superfood Complex featuring preB®--the only supplement of its kind and the only nutritional health product personally formulated and recommended by Mr. Kushi. It's the first macrobiotic supplement.

PreB, the ingredient in Michio Kushi’s fermented superfood supplement, is produced from 55 all-natural whole foods, nearly all of which are grown exclusively for this blend on a remote farm within the Brazilian Pantanal—one of the few remaining areas of pristine, undeveloped land and one of the largest natural wetlands on earth.

This fermented superfood supplement contains well-balanced minerals and vitamins of plant origin as well as organic acids, amino acids, saccharides and phytonutrients. Together, these ingredients stimulate and support the health of good bacteria throughout the digestive system, thereby promoting immune system strength while cleansing and balancing the entire body.

Lee Swanson and our development team met with Michio Kushi, now in his 80s, last year near his home in Boston. He is truly a legendary figure in the natural health products universe and a personal hero of Lee’s, who took great pleasure in our visit.

In addition to popularizing “the Macrobiotic way,” Mr. Kushi established the first natural products store in the U.S., leading the way for companies like Swanson Health Products, which might never have developed without his pioneering vision.

Our November catalog contains much more information on Michio Kushi’s Fermented Superfood Complex, including an interview with Mr. Kushi himself and a look at the ANEW farm in Brazil, where the preB supplement ingredients are produced. This feature content, along with the beautiful video (below) featuring the farm and the preB production process, also will be available on our website at after November 1st.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind Swanson exclusive. Order Fermented Superfood with PreB right now before it debuts in the catalog!

Learn more directly from Mr. Kushi at


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