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Top Five Reasons Why I Love Working at Swanson Health Products

TaraShortly after I started working at Swanson Health Products (SHP), my team participated in an assessment that evaluated communication tendencies based on personality. My results showed that I am a “Visionary: People-Oriented with a Swift Pace.” (I completely agreed with my results—I am a very social person and I love to be on the go.)

When I was approached to write a post about why I love working at SHP, I knew what my five reasons were immediately. After I put my list together, I looked back at the results of my personality assessment and it is clear why I love working here:

1. We help people. Part of the mission of SHP, is to bring wellness to the world. By providing the highest quality products at affordable prices, SHP does just that by enabling people to make their health and wellness a priority. Another focus of SHP is to give back to our local community as well as to the online community. From our involvement with Vitamin Angels, to the American Red Cross, to local groups such as the United Way of Cass Clay, SHP takes pride in helping those in need. Being part of a company that genuinely cares—and shows it—makes me proud to say I work at SHP!

2. The people. I am in my element when I’m at work. There are people everywhere! Because my job allows me to work with most of our various departments at one time or another, I have had the opportunity to make some great connections. Day in and day out I get to work alongside a group of talented and amazing people that I also call my friends. I consider myself blessed.
Fargo Marathon

3. Variety. My job gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects such as online press releases featuring new and exciting products, coordinating the Swanson Health & Fitness Expo at the Fargo Marathon and building relationships online and in our local community. I am challenged with new and wonderful things each and every day.

4. New healthy foods and products. As an admitted product-junkie, this can be a dangerous place to work, but when the products are natural, organic or eco-friendly, it’s okay to try a lot of new things. And, with over 11,000 vitamins, supplements, natural skin care products and healthy foods to select from, options are never an issue. (HINT: I pay a lot of attention to the “New Products” tab on our homepage.)

Gym5. The wellness program. We have a gym. We have access to a personal trainer. We have healthy food options in our cafeteria. We can choose to spend our break times working out, attending a lunch-and-learn about health or purchasing healthy foods and products from our expansive website or mail-order catalogs. To me, the wellness program at SHP is the icing on the cake—or the fat-free ranch dressing on the carrots.

I work at an amazing place, doing something I love, spending the day with people I enjoy and I get paid for it. It’s easy to love working at Swanson Health Products.


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