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Five Essentials to Take to the Jungle

This week, I am traveling to Finca Luna Nueva eco-lodge located in the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica. To be more exact, I’m going to an, "Eco tourism destination and rain forest lodge in Costa Rica dedicated to sustainable living in a tropical rain forest environment." Sounds and looks fantastic…doesn’t it?

Besides the fact that this is the trip of a lifetime, why would I be traveling all the way to spend five days in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle? New Chapter, a national brand carried by Swanson Health Products, has invited me to visit their farm, Finca Luna Nueva, where I will learn about sustainability, organic foods and biodynamic farming.

I cannot wait to share the details of my trip (coming soon) but, before I go, I have to pack. And when it comes to packing, I’m definitely a list person.  For this trip, I have three lists; one for clothes, one for products and one for the reading material I want to take on the trip. I thought that it would be great to share some of the things on my “products” list (available at and share how they perform in my posts to come.

On my list:

Sunscreen: Alba Botanica Kids SPF 45+ Sunscreen My skin hasn’t seen the sun since we closed up our lake cabin last fall so I want to make sure I have reliable sun protection without parabens. Alba Botanica is still a favorite of mine and I trust it on a trip like this.
Facial sunscreen: Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion (Face) SPF 30 sun protections very importing—especially on the delicate skin of the face. I like that this sun block that is designed specifically for the face.
Anti-Bug BalmBug repellant: Badger Organic Anti-Bug Balm A co-worker of mine continues to remind me of the insects I will encounter in the jungle. (I am NOT a fan of bugs.) Therefore, I have been on the look-out for an insect repellant that works without DEET. I'm excited to try this bug balm because it's organic, and it definitely smells like it will keep the bugs away!
Snacks: Clif bars Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel I never thought that I'd be going to the jungle, but now that I am, I want to make sure I have enough energy to hike, swim and tour the farm. Also, I'm a BIG fan of Clif Mojo bars!
Traveling to a foreign country: New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora The best advice I’ve received about traveling to a foreign country: remember to take a probiotic. Coincidentally, my favorite probiotic is New Chapter’s Probiotic All-Flora. It has nine strains of live probiotics to support the digestive and immune system functions.

Can't wait to share my trip to Costa Rica with you!



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