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Are You Part of the Bar Soap Trend?

This past July, my grandfather turned 95 years old. As amazing as that milestone is, even more impressive is that he still lives in his own home—alone. On his birthday, my family took a quick trip to visit him at his home and to have cake and ice cream. I asked my son (six years old) to wash his hands and I would get his treat ready so he could join in the festivities. He responded with a holler from my grandfather’s half-bath with, “There isn’t any soap.”

As I entered the room, I immediately saw a bar of soap sitting in a dish next to the sink. I told him, “There’s plenty of soap,” pointed to the bar of soap and walked away telling him to hurry so we could sing "Happy Birthday."

Moments later my son joined us at the table and I overheard him asking his cousin if he had used the same bar of soap when he washed his hands. Obviously the concept of bar soap was new to him and I had failed to recognize that he is part of a generation that has only known liquid soap.

This made me curious to see the offering of liquid versus bar soap. To my surprise, I found that we offer about 170 bar soaps and over 100 liquid soaps (give or take a few). Is bar soap a trend or did it never go away?  Is bar soap a better value? And one of my BIG questions: do people share the same bar or soap with other people in their household?

As for me, I’m still a fan of liquid soap. Everyone gets a fresh pump of soap and there isn't a soap dish sitting next to the sink full of residue. And, I know that more suds does not necessarily mean I’m getting cleaner, but I sure do like all of the bubbles!


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