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Help! Which Product Should I Use On My Dry Skin? An SHP-Insider Tests New Products to Find the Answer

North Dakota winters are among the coldest and driest winters in the US. Unfortunately, I have extremely dry skin, which makes finding good quality products made with beneficial ingredients a challenge. Fortunately, I work at an awesome company that carries a wide variety of skincare products made with only the best ingredients. I thought I’d give my skin some pampering this winter and try a few out.


Goji Cream

This face cream combines the antioxidant benefits from goji berries with the added ingredients of hyaluronic acid and retinol to make it a very beneficial product.

Organic Manuka Natural Lipcare
This lip balm is made with manuka honey, shea and cocoa butter, and olive oil—all great moisturizing ingredients. I loved how smooth my lips felt, and I didn’t need to use it as often as I use regular lip balms. It was a little firm if I left it in the cold, but at room temperature it would glide on smoothly.

Face Contour Mask with Manuka Honey & Bee Venom

I’ll be honest; I was a little apprehensive about giving this one a try. It has some pretty interesting ingredients, all of which work to nourish and intensely moisturize your face, and is free of those gross ingredients like SLS and petroleum. The interesting ingredient is bee venom. It does state on the container that if you are allergic to bees, to not use this mask. Since I’ve never been stung by a bee, trying this out was a bit of an adventure. I tested a very, very small amount on my arm, and then on my face, and after checking to make sure there was no reaction, decided to give it a go on my face. It’s a smooth and subtly scented cream that gave my face a slight tingle after a few minutes. And when I rinsed it off, I was delighted to find that my skin felt moisturized! In fact, I normally use a lot of night face cream before bed, but I decided to try without, and then next morning my face still felt great! You can also use this mask as a night cream if you don’t have time for a mask.

Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream
I used this facial cream in the morning under my makeup. It went on very lightly and had a fresh citrus scent. I could use a little dab to go a long way. My face certainly felt moisturized during the day. 

Triple Moisture Body Lotion Mandarin Orange
The mandarin orange scent of this lotion was the perfect way to start the day in the middle of a dreary winter. My legs and arms get especially dry, and this lotion was thick enough that I didn’t need to use much more than a quarter-sized dollop for my legs. And the great part was, this lotion made my skin feel smooth until the next morning!

Raw Wild Crafted Shea Butter
Elbows, knees and feet can get pretty dry and even cracked at any time of the year, but winter especially. This wild crafted and unrefined shea butter was a life-saver for my feet, mostly my heels. After showering I would just apply some to the heels of my feet (make sure you don’t walk around hard floors barefoot after putting this on your feet though) and slide some sock on, and I noticed they were much more smooth after even a week!

Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Soap
This clean, fresh soap was soothing and moisturizing on my skin, even after rinsing. The tea tree oil gave it a fresh scent and the manuka honey made it a smoothing and hydrating treat for my skin.


I would recommend any and all of these products to anyone with very dry skin (or even normal/dry skin).


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