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Is Berberine a Fix for Common Travel Ailment?

While the holiday travel season is finally over, spring break travel is just around the corner.  Warm beaches, sunny weather…and traveler’s intestinal issues. Enter berberine.

Berberine is an alkaloid nutrient that comes from the roots of many herbal plants such as goldenseal, Oregon grape and barberry. Used in traditional Chinese practices, berberine was also used as a yellow dye.

While there are several studies demonstrating the use of berberine for various antimicrobial activities against many viruses and bacteria, it’s mostly known for its ability to be effective against diarrheas caused by traveler’s diarrhea (E. coli) and food poisoning. Berberine is able to prevent bacteria that cause small intestine bacterial growth from sticking to intestinal walls.

Studies suggest using berberine-containing herbs for one week before traveling, during traveling and one week after traveling to better protect your intestine from harmful bacteria.


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