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Lose Weight by Rearranging Your Fridge

I got this great article in my inbox from iVillage and I just had to share it. The concept is simple: If you make the healthy foods easier to both see and grab, you're more likely to consume them rather than all that junk food. Here are a few of the things that I found most interesting and helpful from this article, focusing on rearranging your fridge for easy, natural weight loss help.

Top shelf:
Stock it with healthy and low-cal beverages: skim milk, almond milk, 100% fruit and veggie juices (no sugar added) and filtered water. "Opting for low-cal beverages is a simple way to shave calories out of your diet and staying hydrated helps to curb your appetite." says Larrian Gillespie, M.D., author of The Goddess Diet.

Second Shelf:
Put your fresh produce here and make it easy to grab by pre-cutting and washing.  USDA researchers say eating two to three cups of fresh produce daily is the key to shedding two pounds weekly!

Third Shelf:
Protein. Place all your hard-boiled eggs, precooked, skinless lean meats, organic raw nuts and reduced-fat dairy here. The article states that women who add two ounces of protein to every meal eat thirty-one percent fewer calories daily. (This is a new tip for weight loss help for women that I'd never heard of before.  It also reinforces what I recently read from my Jillian Michaels newsletter that said I need to add more protein to my diet for my body type to help maintain weight loss.)

Place the tempting desserts here.  This is interesting since we typically use the crisper for the fresh produce.  But it's worth a try if it stops a person from over indulging!

Stock up on flavorful condiments.  The article states tasty condiments help people feel full on 200 fewer calories daily. 

More tips
  • Use taller, thinner glasses and smaller plates.  You'll eat and drink less but feel just as satisfied.
  • Put high calorie items such as chips up high. Making them harder to get will cause you to reach for them less.
  • Playing soothing music while you eat helps you to relax, therefore eat more slowly and consume less.
Read the iVillage article here: Drop Pounds Without Dieting Just by Rearranging Your Kitchen


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