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How I Discovered Supplements Are NOT All Hype (After Months of Being Sick)

I can't believe there are people out there that still think vitamins and supplements are all hype! It's true, before I started working at Swanson Health Products, I barely managed to take a multi-vitamin, let alone the specific women's health vitamins I knew I should be taking.  But as happens to everyone who works here, you slowly start gathering knowledge on the subject and it's hard to remain ignorant.  Obviously, what works for one person may not work for another, but in today's day and age there is a definite place for vitamins and supplements in our daily lives. Let's face it.  Even if you're eating low fat and healthy foods, you may not be eating all the right food combinations that give your body everything it needs to work at peak performance.  Supplements help to fill that void.

Last year, I spent a large portion of the winter season ill.  It became a big joke in the office because I was always stuffed up, puffy eyed, and just generally miserable.  I went to the doctor after 30 days of feeling sick, and he told me I "probably" had walking pneumonia, and "Here is a prescription that should clear up whatever it is, even if it's not pneumonia."  Well, I felt better the first day, but by the time the Z-pack was finished, I felt as awful as I did the day I went in.  So I suffered for another month.  It was only after drinking the recommended dosage of 1000mg Vitamin C packets from Emergen-C daily did I finally work my way back to personal wellness.

Obviously, my everyday diet, and even the ever so "powerful" prescription drug, didn't help me back to wellness.  Ever since, I keep Emergen-C on hand, and when my two year old or someone in my office starts to come down with something, I'll add it to my daily regimen.  So far, I've managed to thwart a hand full of "the icky stuff" this year.


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