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Hello! I'm Kerry.

I am a thirty-something mother to a two year old with a farmer for a husband. I whole heartedly believe that supplements have their place in a person's lifestyle.  The trick is, figuring out what your body needs and making sure you get the right amount.  (What works for one may not work for another.) And of course, finding a natural supplement company you can trust to supply a quality product is a must.  (I recommend Swanson Health Products.  Perhaps you've heard of it?)

Post baby, I am a certain amount of pounds overweight and I'm ready to lose it. Also, post baby, I've become much more aware of what my family is eating. I'm trying to buy organic products that aren't stripped of their nutrient goodness, but as life happens, I don't always do as well as I could. I'll try to keep you up to date with new ways to keep the whole family healthy as I continue to discover them myself.  Stay tuned!


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