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Organic Coffee...Great Gift for Father's Day

Organic coffeeOrganic foods benefits are a hot topic these days. Swanson Health Products has joined in the fun by producing many of our favorite healthy snacks and ingredients in organic form. My personal favorite product in the Swanson Organic section is the Organic Coffee.

I am typically a "fru-fru" coffee drinker, needing to add flavor or a sweetener to my drink. But in my attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, I decided it was time to find a coffee drink that I can enjoy without sugar or artificial flavorings. Let me tell you, this is the coffee I've been searching for! The taste is just right - not too strong, not too weak - and it contains the perfect amount of flavor to prevent me from thinking about that chocolate additive.

I knew that I had stumbled on something wonderful with this coffee, so I shared it with the one person I knew who would appreciate a fine cup of jo - my dad. I gave him a package of the House Blend coffee for Father's Day last year, as well as a package of the Swanson French Roast. I don't think he ever decided on a favorite, but I can vouch in saying that both packages were gone quickly, leaving him wanting more. And while I won't fund his coffee addiction, I will be encouraging it this Father's Day. So if you're looking for something creative to give dad on Sunday, give coffee a try (maybe pair it with a bag of organic raw nuts!). Your dad will thank you. Mine sure did!


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