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Gluten-Free Cookies From the Land Down Under

Choc-Orange Gluten-Free CookiesGluten free shopping can be a difficult task when you are used to your food tasting a certain way. My step-brother went gluten free last year due to some troubles with his diet. It’s no easy task for a high school student to drop gluten when used to the typical teenage diet of pizza and tacos, but he managed to change enough of his diet to where he wasn’t feeling miserable after a meal. Ever since Thomas went gluten free I’ve tried to find new ways for him to enjoy the occasional treats that go along with his age while avoiding gluten at the same time.

Bodhi’s Bakehouse is an Australian-based company dedicated to making delicious baked goods with natural ingredients. Swanson Health Products carries their gluten free cookies. The flavors offered are Chocolate Macadamia, Lemon Shortbread, Chocolate Latte, and Choc-Orange Jaffa.

While all of the flavors sounded tempting, I went the Choc-Orange Jaffa route. Apart from being gluten free, the first thing I noticed about these cookies was that they have real orange pieces in them rather than artificial flavoring. This is by no means obtaining a serving of fruit, but the use of real ingredients is a major perk to me. It also gives the cookies an added texture, something I’m not used to but do enjoy.

The other thing I like about these cookies is that they are filling. They are bite-size in appearance, but it’s like eating a normal-sized cookie. You won’t want to eat more than a couple before feeling satisfied. And with each cookie being 48 calories, they make for a delicious treat without having to worry about calorie binging.

If you are gluten sensitive or prefer eating gluten free foods, these cookies come highly recommended. With natural ingredients and a delicious taste, how can you go wrong?


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