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How Do Swanson Customer Care Representatives Care for Their Hearts During Heart Health Awareness Month?

The Web Team at Swanson Health meets every month to discuss what we are going to feature on our Health Blog. The New Year has found us very busy around the Swanson offices, so when we met for the February Blog Meeting we were surprised when heart health month snuck up on us! We were distracted by a lot of new and exciting things in-house, like the New Chapter sweepstakes! I immediately offered to spearhead something because, for personal reasons, I didn’t want such an important month of awareness to go unmentioned.

I am days away from my 25th birthday and just over 3 months away from my wedding day. Over the past year of planning the wedding I came to the startling realization I was kind of envious of my fiancé! He will have all four of his grandparents (plus a step-grandmother) at our wedding and I will have my last remaining grandparent, my beautiful grandmother, to represent the generations of my family.

Years ago my paternal grandfather had a series of cluster strokes and spent his remaining years with his wife, without verbal ability and decreased mobility. My other grandfather passed peacefully when he was 97 from complications of old age. This past year, on Easter morning, we lost my maternal grandmother to a massive stroke. Finally, my living grandmother has chronic atrial fibrillation.

February is National Heart Health month and this month of awareness is very important to me, and millions of people. It is kicked off on the 1st of February with National Wear Red Day! After some brainstorming, we all agreed it should be our Call Center Representatives who tell you their stories because those are the people serving our customers every day! It’s important you all know we are a company full of people who believe in our health (and products) and yours!

Heart Healthy Responses:


Jane A:

A year ago my cholesterol was around 214, so I started taking one Cholest Q-Gel Forte with Sytrinol & Sugar Cane Policosanol (SWU378) a day and now my cholesterol is significantly improving.



Tamera M:

I take ribose capsules, vitamin E, and made sure I take my fish oil and B complex supplements daily. I also bought a portable step machine and do that (mostly) daily.

I do have a weakness for diner food (even though I know better). But I am happy to say that I have successfully stayed away from French fries for a long time now--and my heart loves me for it!



Anna R:

I have been taking supplements and working out, not just for my health, but to make sure I set a good example for my kids, and to ensure that I am around for many more years to see them grow old. I take hawthorn extract and a vegetarian omega 3 (I’m allergic to fish). We also use lecithin granules, they are very versatile, and I can sneak them into foods for my husband!



Megan H:

My daily go-to supplement for a healthy heart is Omega-3.  Not only does this product support a healthy heart but it also helps to support my immune system and mental health! 

I make a point to try to get to the gym a few times a week and really start to hit it hard in February to train for upcoming 5 and 10k events in the area.  The main event that I train for is the Fargo Marathon held at the end of May.  I started out my first couple years by doing the Fargo Marathon 5k, then bumped it up to the 10k.  Last year I participated in the 5k on Friday night and the 10k on Saturday morning! It feels great knowing my heart is happy and healthy!



Judy K:

I like to take the stairs even if there is an elevator or escalator during the winter and in the summer I play golf and walk nine holes at least once a week.



David B:

I take quite a few supplements! Fish Oil (cardiovascular health), Ginkgo, Bacopa, Acetyl L-Carnitine (all brain health), Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin D/K, Boron (all for bone health), Probiotics (regularity), Glucosamine/Chondroitin (joints), Saw Palmetto, and Cranberry (both preventative).

Aside from supplements, I take Tae Kwon Do classes 3 times a week. I've also run several 5Ks and I ran the 1/2 marathon last year.


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