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Younger Skin Starts on the Inside

Daily Health Tips update for September 3:

Want your skin to look forever young? Then focus on what you put inside your body as well as what you’re putting on the outside of your skin. Younger skin starts with nutrients that benefit it from inside the body because diet directly affects how you visibly age.

Two of the best nutrients for skin health are vitamin D and omega essential fatty acids. Vitamin D acts as an antioxidant, which helps the skin defend against the free radicals that can damage cells and speed up the aging process.

Vitamin D is naturally made when our skin is exposed to sunlight. But since it’s not safe for skin to have too much sun exposure, it’s healthier to take a D supplement. Omega-3 EFAs and omega-6 EFAs also protect the skin. They guard the skin’s top layer against losing moisture. Natural sources of omegas include olive oil, flaxseed and fish. Increasing your water intake can also promote younger-looking skin. You should cut back on processed foods and sugars, which can damage the normal production of skin cells.

Source: Women’s Health


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